Sociology of the World Cup wine. Or how to find Prince charming looking thing in the glass

by Thursday, June 12, 2014

The countdown of the World Cup is now finished. In Brazil this evening there will be the kick-off and we do is Gourmet Geishas refrigerate some nice bottle of méthode champenoise, of Lambrusco and rosé and prepare for a month of balloon, gossip and neighbors who become inevitably ultrà unleashed. That the World Cup can also be a good time to go hunting of Prince charming: the World Cup is for women as the March 8 for men, just put in your nose away from home to find hordes of fans gathered in front of a giant screen, Why watch the match of Italy in the company is more for Choral top managers that Office makes bacchettone in jacket and vest. In the evening you will find it definitely to the pub with friends with his tie knotted around the head ;).

And then if you're single and looking for a new companion for the summer and maybe not only, take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and take a look: the world will see your Prince in the wild and there is nothing better to see if he is the right one.

Trouble during the world closer: Use this time to penetrate in it and study it. There are many clues that will tell you who is, starting from what you drink during the game.


If you choose a beer, don't think that it's a trivial, pour the combined is a great classic, How could it be for you a Spritz aperitif time. The difference is that beer picks. If you opt for a Ceres or Pandit certainly has a type that is not highly sought after, If you choose a 32 or you can be sure Baladin has some taste buds.

If on your table there is a Lambrusco, curious facts. Lambrusco is returning to prominence because it is full-bodied but soft at the same time, Many wineries are great quality and I find it an easy chic wine, perfect for this occasion as with many other. AND’ even a gourmet alternative to Prosecco. Read More.

Match and Prosecco can be a combined perfect especially if you are in Veneto, or if he is young and carefree. AND’ the bubble social par excellence, chic but not committed. AND’ definitely a bubbly type, carefree, who likes to attend fashionable places and stand in the middle of the “beautiful people”.

Brunello di Montalcino with certain warm isn't really ideal, But if he has that in the glass is likely to be a passionate wine lover, Although a little’ traditional. One of the great classics, so to speak, who likes to be on the safe side always. Remember this if, After ten years of marriage, When you leave for dinner are always the same three places. Change, for him, is a drama, and this can also have positives.

I don't know how many will watch the game with a bottle of champagne, But if they spot one, Don't let him escape (unless it's a very commercial and brand label basic basic, denoting more attention to brand that the quality, as to want to “make the scene”). There are those who say that drinking champagne is served: I say it's like Chanel No. 5, essential.

Franciacorta, Trentodoc: I'm Italian and champagne into the glass to something like this is definitely a patriotic as well as connoisseur.

Rosé. Bubbles or stationary version, We say that those who choose the rosè seeks a compromise, something that goes well with everything. Probably so he, a guy who lives with the motto “who is content is” (depends on the level of “accontentamento”, versatile in the proper place to find the solution to anything. Smart.

What about you, too hot for berti a Sauvignon Blanc of MItchnell? Why not opt for a non-alcoholic version of Caipirinha, the famous Brazilian drink fresh and colorful, signed by the prestigious Bartendersacademy, one of WFA's formal International schools (World Flair Association), Bartender Professional Association worldwide. The recipe was invented for Truvia ® natural sweetener without calories, whose principle sweetener is extracted from the leaves of Stevia.

BRAZIL Cocktail

This drink recipe ' Do Brasil ' soft drinks:

Ingredients for 1 Cocktail:

· 1 cut files 4 cloves

  • 4 TSP Truvia ® (equivalent to 20 g of product)
  • Big Flake ice
  • Ginger Ale

Preparation of cocktails:

  • Wash the lime and cut it in 4 cloves
  • Put the lime in the glass and 4 TSP Truvia ®
  • Crush energetically with the muddler (pestle) the ingredients to mix with the lime Truvia ®
  • Fill the glass with crushed ice to big flakes and add the Ginger Ale leaving 1 cm of space between the border and the fluid level
  • With a long-stemmed spoon stir gently for a few seconds
  • Serve with two straws in a glass Old Fashion type (short glass)

The drink should not be shaken nor stirred, but it has to be mixed with the stirrer. Possibly you should pass the juice of the lime on the rim of the glass, then add Truvia ®: It remains thus one sweetened layer that leaves a taste excellent at Caipirinha.


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