Champagne: the game (sexy) temperatures

by Monday, June 2, 2014


I never thought that there could be more than one temperature for serving champagne, nor that the form of a flûtes could the change in flow the mouth, changing the flavor. A very entertaining game and, I have to say, even a little’ sexy, I did along with some other links thanks to maison MUMM and its brand ambassador Italy, Marco Casanova.

Ideally the champagne should be tasted at a temperature of 8 ° C, but each situation requires a different temperature.

As in a love story, a excessive coldness (less than 6° C) reduces the effervescence of champagne, alters the development of aromas and can even numb the palate. In the same way, an excessively high temperature (above 14° C) creates an excessive amount of foam, which not only hinders the opening of the bottle, but also obscures the aromas. Play with these temperatures from very cold until you get to a temperature that is between the 12 and the 14 ° C, allows the use of a single label of champagne throughout the meal with the feeling to serve different wines.

Once poured in flûtes, the champagne of course tends to heat up depending on the ambient temperature, especially in a crowded or under a Pergola in the sunny summer months. The birth of the bucket you must own this, Casanova explains: needed to cool the glasses. Today I rarely happen to find this practice, just play in advance and serve champagne at a lower temperature by 2-3° C to the recommended.

But don't you think that even the bucket is left to chance. If you want to use it in workmanlike manner, It should be filled with cold water for only two thirds, then you must add ice cubes up to 10 cm from the edge. In this way you will get a perfect cooling 8 ° C within two hours if the bottle is at room temperature and 20 minutes if it comes from a basement at room temperature 10-12 ° C. And never put the empty bottle in bucket, It would be a terrible fall of style.

Of the rest, the freezer is to champagne what the dryer is for a cashmere sweater: a tragedy. For a cool bottle of champagne, We should put it in the bottom of the refrigerator compartment, that cooler (2 ° C), and leave it there for two and a half hours. The bottle must be put down, in order to guarantee the homogeneity of temperature. Didn't you all this time? Two handfuls of salt into the water bucket and cooling you will accelerate as if by magic.

All ready to serve? No way! The wine that is located inside the body of the bottle is cool, but not the one at the neck (that is out of the bucket). For this before uncorking one must remember gently tilt the bottle in order to mix the wine and make uniform the temperature. In doing so, the first glass will be served at a perfect temperature, who will enjoy and fully assess the quality of the cuvée.


Put my heart in peace. Make a bang is out, terribly out. The champagne you must open with a hiss elegant, sublimed by one final pop. And if the CAP is broken? To me it is still never happened with a champagne stopper… In this case you have to immerse the upper part of the neck in hot water for two minutes, so you loosen the CAP, then we proceed to the opening of the bottle as you would any other wine, with the corkscrew, extracting the plug gently to prevent it crumble to smithereens.


As for people, also for champagne and soul mate exists is called glass. Banned plastic, the glass enhances the wine (not only bubbles) and according to its shape create different sensations in the mouth. To discover all the secrets of this part of the game, read HERE, My advice is to try to make this game of the senses, Maybe in a tete a tete a little’ Special. You can also go beyond, using unusual containers. Think of Napoleon's soldiers, using your helmet for drinking, or the dandy, that ripiegavano on their moccasins, or, yet, lovers who sipped champagne in a slipper tip…


Another thing really sexy for a girl? A man that a bottle of champagne Saber, but only if he does to perfection. All the secrets, discover them HERE. 20140602-211514-76514322.jpg

Dulcis in fundo, alternative uses of champagne. An example? The shower. If you are curious about, read them HERE.

And if you will, If you tell all these things by Marco Casanova, a dandy by 28 years of great class.



A moment of tasting with the cordon rouge, the best-known label of MUMM, in the bottle dedicated to F1, from now on the market.




The glasses of our tasting game with different temperatures and 4 “containers” several.



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