If the heart of cream is no longer the same, How do you believe in true love again?

by Sunday, May 18, 2014

On one thing, I think, We all agree. The Heart of cream, the dear old CCold ornetto born in 1959, It is no longer that of a time. There are noticed, true? Agree, Today we have I don't know how many versions, but the point is that the ice cream has no more intense and creamy taste of cream and the grains that we ate slowly, in order not to let it end immediately, no longer has the consistency of a time.

In Italy, for us children of the eighties and nineties, I think nothing is more summer and first love of the heart of cream. Every year the tv came a new, sospiravi every summer that ice cream as much as the look of that Mandal that stood five umbrellas farther, two years older than you, you would have never watched it. Tu, though, you were there, under the umbrella, without smart phones from hacking, you looked at the sea, did you read a book, you listen to music in the walkman and crave the Mandal, writing him on board full of hearts destined for your best friend, minding well not to get hooked by your, ' who else had trouble!

Then decidevi to give yourself at least he, your heart of cream (What was once also a luxury, like all other legendary ice cream Algida – vedi foto per rinfrescarvi la memoria 😉 ), and correvi to the kiosk jumping from one shade to another because the sand was red-hot. Take out of the fridge your Cornet walked to pay and, Magic, by your side appeared the moretto con gli occhi di falco, deep as the night. I looked at her and smiled, telling you a shy “Hello”. You correvi way to go back to your chairs with your heart that you thumped a thousand per hour and from that moment everything became possible.

But if the Heart of cream today is no longer the same, How do you dream still true love (and believe it)?


Look here a historical advertisements.

If what you're looking for is a heart of love

a little heart to make you dream

a summer day a heart of cream you will find…

2 Responses
  • Foo
    May 18, 2014

    AND’ most likely the change in our perception of taste, that growing polishes.

    • Frank
      March 19, 2017

      La percezione è tutto, però una cosa è certa: la granella attuale è di un altro tipo, sembra polistirolo soffiato.

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