50 years of Nutella. The 16 may appointment at dawn for a vip party

by Saturday, May 10, 2014
The 18 may is celebrated around the world a very special birthday, the hazelnut spread cream born in Alba (Cn) in 1964. After 50 years, Nutella is still equal to itself, for both the brand and the ingredients. This icon of Made in Italy has remained young. It's a long seller always growing, Thanks to a precise marketing strategy and communication, that is unveiled for the first time from the book "Chocolate World", Rizzoli Etas, signed by Gigi Padovani, just arrived in bookstores. It is the only book dedicated to 50 years this product innovation-enterprise created by the ability of a pastry chef, Pietro Ferrero, who invented the ancestor – the Giandujot – and entrepreneurial commitment of son Michael and grandson Giovanni, current Ceo of a group that has 20 factories on all continents and 20 thousand employees.

A spring morning 1964 arrived on the Italian table. Were the boom years: Nutella invented a new category, the beautiful country and then the world. Today it has 50 years but does not show: for many has become a myth, and is the subject of study by the OECD, as an example of virtuous globalization. The family business that produces, emblem of Italian capitalism, continued to reap success through product innovation and choice maintain solid roots in the territory in which, the Langhe, hazels hills.

The Ferrero Foundation

Dawn (Cn) Middle Road 44

Friday, 16 may 2014, hours 21

Presentation of the book "World Nutella, 50 years of innovation "on the occasion of the feast of the birth of Nutella. With Ferruccio de Bortoli, Director of "Corriere della Sera" and Mario Morcellini, Professor in Sociology of culture and communication at the Università La Sapienza of Rome. The author will be present Gigi Padovani.

A Nutella Party

Evening invitations: Info phone. 0173 295259


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