Love? Is measured with a protein of the stomach

by Friday, May 9, 2014

Some researchers have identified a protein that seems to be the barometer of love: is the Ngf (Nerve growth factor, nerve growth factor discovered by Rita Levi Montalcini), where is a function of the development, protection and regeneration of nerve fibers.

In their study, 58 neo-lovers between 18 and the 31 years were compared with many people involved in long-term relationships and with a single group: the Ngf level in their blood was much higher than in the other two groups and was much higher as sentiment was strong (the intensity of the passion was measured with a specific scale). After one year, which of them had remained together showed a degree of Ngf comparable to that of single and had a consolidated report, sign that initial involvement was gone.

It is likely that this protein to determine the typical euphoria of romantic love, that causes a “disruption” even in the brain but with positive effects: seen that Ngf protects nerve cells from damage, It has also been hypothesized that falling in love in old age may reduce the risk of developing dementia.


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