Kitchener (PC), from 4 al 22 may: “Jewels in… ferment”

by Sunday, May 4, 2014


ZIANO PIACENTINO (PC), 4 may – It opened today and will continue until 22 next the fourth edition of the show Jewels in… ferment, edited by Eliana Negroni. Each year the initiative gathers around a specific theme (on this occasion, the color), always on the planet of wine, material expressions of fifty contemporary jewellery – artists and Designer together – with a particular eye to the portability of jewelry made.

The exhibition is curious and stimulating, and the originality of the works presented is amplified by the charm of the environments that receive. Since the first edition, In fact, Jewels in… ferment is hosted by the family in the ancient local Sgorbati, masterfully restored, Dell’Azienda agricola Torre Kitchener, that over time has characterized as The vineyard of Arts, for collecting contemporary art in constant expansion.

Slewing Range is called the Prize, for the 2014 assigned to the opera Flow the London jewelry Liana Pattihis, that has convinced an international jury composed of goldsmiths, artists and teachers.

L. Pattihis: "Flow (Fileri)" - Chain wire necklace in silver and enamels

L. Pattihis: “Flow (Fileri)” – Chain wire necklace in silver and enamels

The award was presented by the landlord, the vinedresser Henry Sgorbati, in the company of master Gualtiero Marchesi. In the course of the festivities was possible to taste national preview Gold, Nero and Open (the three wines made by Henry Gualtiero Marchesi label Wines) and the extensive production of Cooker Tower, that the more traditional offering of sparkling wines of the Colli Piacentini is true goodies, including and I quote – just as an example – the metodo classico Olubra marsanne grapes (relics of the Napoleonic period), the excellent dry malvasia Donna Luigia, the Gutturnio Riserva Deacon Gerardo 1028 and l’Eighth Day, a croatina dry that deserves attention.

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  • Eliana
    May 6, 2014

    grazie Luca,
    sono davvero felice delle considerazioni sul nostro progetto da parte di un attento winelover!!!

    What about… c’è fermento!

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