Five truths about food (including why he goes crazy for beer)

by Saturday, May 3, 2014

1. The more you eat, less enjoys
Studying a population of mice of various “sizes”, a team of biologists at the University of Buffalo has discovered that the’Obesity changes the taste of the food. According to research, overweight mice – than compared to leaner individuals – have less taste cells can recognize the sweet taste, and those capable of doing so are less sensitive. According to the researcher Kathryn Medler, «see what influence these gustatory cells, could help us discover new treatments for obesity».

2. The taste of the time
Our reply to the aromas change as we grow older. This applies – at least – for the laboratory mouse. Those young love sweet tastes in food and hate those bitters. Older mice instead lost their passion for the sweet, and don't eat bitter taste aversion. I? Gotta be a hilander… 😉

3. Each food its staid…
The utensil used for eating food can affect the way you perceive its taste. According to a team of researchers at Oxford University, eat yogurt with a plastic spoon would give him a denser and richer. If the spoon is white, White yogurt looks sweeter than roses, While black with a spoon, Pink yogurt looks sweeter. And still: the cheese eaten with a toothpick, a spoon or fork, It would seem saltier than when it is eaten with knife.

4. …And her room

Another study, This time at the University of Oxford, tells us that the environment in which the food is consumed it is important. The experiment the whisky. Was asked to a group of approximately 500 people, choices among whisky connoisseurs not, try a single-malt Scotch in three different places: a room with a turf, with a background noise that resembled the bleating of sheep and the smell of freshly mown grass; another where a sweet fragrance and sharp sounds from the speaker; and finally a room with wooden panels, noise of leaves and lime odor. Having to define the taste of what drinking, the volunteers have found respectively “Soddy”, sweet and wood depending on the room where I had tasted.

5. That's why he goes crazy for beer

A beautiful blonde, a football game, friends: for a man, something very close to paradise. But what will be ever so special beer for men? A Research of the Indiana University School of Medicine (USA) reveals that stimulates the male brain dopamine production, a neurotransmitter released during stimuli associated with pleasure and reward (read the news on


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