The vinegar come dio comanda

by Saturday, April 26, 2014

If it is true, com’ It is true, that a great wine is made from a large grape, from this great grapes I do my big vinegar. It takes me a few years, and in this time I have to look after and cuddle like a baby in swaddling clothes. — Joško Sirk


Cormons is one of Gardaland dei golosi. Ham D'osvaldo the incredible cheeses from Zoff until vinegar Sirk I want to talk about today. In Short, in a country of 34 km2 and 7600 anime, a great concentration of delicacies. Take the citizenship stuff here, How about?

I said to Sirk, a handmade vinegar really of great quality. Hard to find similar. You will love it, even if you're not a vinegar lovers like me, for this I guarantee you those of Josko Sirk are really YUMMY products! with which you could also Cook intriguing recipes: simply eggs or berries, with more creativity and use it to give an edge to bean soup or as a base for a sauce to accompany fatty fish such as flounder.

The secret of the goodness of this vinegar? That is made with whole grapes.

As it is produced tells Josko Sirk.


«Our vinegar is produced with the best grapes of the Collio, the same with which you produce exceptional wines of our region. Come to full maturity, l’ grapes are brought to the vinegar factory, deraspata and put into vats where alcoholic fermentation. Been eight to ten days, sugars became alcohol. Now we trigger the acetic fermentation with our mother vinegar. This is done in an absolutely spontaneous and lasts almost a year, up all’ following autumn, When all’ alcohol will be transformed into acetic acid. That's why we say that our Yes vinegar of wine, but from whole grape. A few weeks before the next harvest dump them in there, torchiamo and we talk about it; l’ now finished vinegar and then put in small barrels (full) to age. It takes three or four years because it mixes and the like.

Given the quality of the grapes we use, its structure, its minerality and l’ absolute naturalness of the process, We can avoid sulphur and added all kinds of antioxidant preservative. It is bottled without filtration. This vinegar is strong, Maybe bully, but his body, its persistence, its minerality (In addition to’ breadth of its bouquet), make it a unique product, by amateurs. As with every great wine, the weather is friend and refines bottled, mature, rises.

Already in Roman times, Pliny warned that the final result of the fermentation of the grape d’ It wasn't wine grapes but l’ vinegar! And we agree with him and add: from a great grape, a great vinegar».

L’ grape wine vinegar has the characteristics of a great wine from aging. The quality of the grapes and the long contact with the skins and Lees, provide a structured product, rich in minerals, persistent and complex. Over time the’ high acidity dissolves in favour of the development of varied aromatic tones.

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