The barbecue for strollers and serial manual-griller

by Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter is upon us and for me it rhymes with outdoors, Sunshine and picnics. Who knows if this year the weather is Clement…

Meanwhile, get organized. The basket from picnic we already from one piece, What we missed was the barbecue for strollers. Is smaller than my LV Neverfull, weighs much less of her when the fill for the weekend and it also costs three times less (150 € approximately): Weber Go-Anywhere, Note gas BBQ House specializes in grills and fireplaces.

Certain, the BBq is more one thing men and women. It is a fact unquestionable. But if the idea of becoming a serial-griller intrigues you, you have already started to ask a few questions.
How to light a charcoal barbecue? What is indirect cooking? What can you cook on the griddle?
The complete manual to become Grill scripts you find here.

All info on go-Anywhere, Instead, here.


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