“Visiting wineries”: the wine trails of Mauro Fermariello

by Saturday, April 5, 2014


MILAN – A man of great modesty, Mauro thought the classic “fish” When the Publishing House has announced that his books would be released on April 1: tradition has it that the new Mondadori arrives in stores Tuesday, but you never know…

The first three volumes of the new series Visiting wineries are already a fine show on benches and shelves of many Italian libraries, to represent the exhausting – but natural, According to me – the paper followed evolution Winestories: a blog sui generis, who speaks for images (photographs and, especially, excellent video) «wine, vines and wine-growers, the pleasure of getting lost in the countryside, try a good cheese, relax in a farmhouse, Live Italy».

Winestories He just turned three years old. Ran April 2011, In fact, When the doctor of agricultural sciences Mauro Fermariello, soon converted to the profession of photographer, decided to walk the vineyards just practiced during his academic studies, to tell with passionate curiosity work of winegrowers and portray the landscapes in which they operate. Occasionally it is also granted some raving about; one of the first, in June 2011, It was just me and Francesca in a movie memorable (for me), filmed during a presentation in Milan of the novel Sex and the Wine. While watching the video, at one point my wife placed her finger on the screen indicating a bespectacled gentleman and asked: «Mica you this handsome man, true?».

Since then Mauro has my most grateful friendship, but not only for that reason I am glad that his stories have materialized into Barolo, Brands and Valpolicella, the first three releases of the series. It is because in these works the author leads the reader from friend equal (How would write Luigi Veronelli), curious, scrupulous and passionate, It does not claim to teach you nothing, but it makes you understand with him – with the right words and, It goes without saying, even with beautiful images – the territories, wines and especially humanity always intense and varied by who produces.

Mauro Fermariello and Ampelio Bucci

Mauro Fermariello and Ampelio Bucci

It's no coincidence the first presentation to the public of, in a busy evening of #viniacasamia (Thanks to Marco Ghezzi to exquisite hospitality), had as Godfather the immense Ampelio Bucci, protagonist of “rebirth” the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi: just Click here to see and hear how it went.


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