Black Cod with hazelnut eggnog and powdered saffron

by Tuesday, April 1, 2014
Fabio Baldassarre recipe, 1 stella M.

Ingredients for 4 people

400 g saithe; 100 ml extra virgin olive oil; salt..


Clean the cod, deprive him of the thorns and cut 4 cutlets.

In a pan pour oil and when it is hot, sear the hake from the part of the skin for about ten seconds, in order to make it crispy. Finish cooking in the oven at 180° for 5/6 minutes.


For the hazelnut eggnog:


Ingredients :

1/2 sachet of Saffron Leprotto

3 egg yolks

10 cl lemon juice

30 cl Piedmontese hazelnut oil

20 cl HAZELNUT butter

Salt q. b.


Blanch the egg yolks in double boiler. Stir in the hazelnut oil, "nutty" butter and lemon juice and season with salt and mount. Stir well and add the Saffron powder.


Presentation :

50 g agretti

Prepare the agretti

Thoroughly wash and over again (There is usually a lot of Earth) Remove with a knife the final part, that close to the roots and any damaged or dried filaments.

Made these operations you can eat your agretti raw, for example in the salad, or boiled, serviced in a pan or steamed, personally this is the mode that you prefer because there are better nutritional properties and because it keeps the original flavor of agretti as other vegetables.

A trick to make them stay lit green when cooked is to pass it under cold water


Place in the Centre of the plate the agretti

Add the hazelnut eggnog

Lay over cod



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