Adopt a barrel or rent a vineyard: is the time of taylor-made wine

by Thursday, March 27, 2014

Taylor-made wine to the possibility of renting a row or adopt a barrique: Customize your own wine according to personal taste is no longer a utopia, but, Indeed, trendsetters. And if the dream of a lover of good drink is to become vigneron, or have bottles with a custom label, There is more than one possibility to create your own customized wine. This and all the curiosity of wine "indexed", the new web fever that has infected the world of Bacchus, you will speak at Vinitaly, the most important international exhibition dedicated to wine and spirits, Veronafiere, from 6 al 9 April ( Also because, more and more often, by wine lovers vip, "produce" personalized bottles triggers the urge to become a producer.

The self-timer is the fashion of the moment: the "indexed" need to tell themselves, through the network universe, a potentially vast audience. An idea, the self-portrait and claim that everyone loves, famous or not, and that, in a short time, has already invaded several layers of everyday life: with fashion to produce homemade ingredients for your own kitchen, cultivating a personal garden and emulating the great chefs at the table, the food is "indexed". And if the food is, more and more it is the wine. Because the food and the idea of wine enthusiasts who meet in full their personal tastes, like. And if an idea like, the world of wine responds, offering wine lovers more than a chance to customize their own bottles, from the selection of the grapes and of aging barrels, until the label image.

Taylor-made wine
Produce a customized wine is possible even from home, Thanks to the web. Where, through specialized websites designed by experts or with the help of these, You can select several options, including varietals and terroir, cellar techniques and characteristics of aging, until final packaging, starting from bottle, from Bordeaux to Burgundy, through the tag, symbol of taste and personality of each, You can also create with graphs available. You can thus follow actively and interactively, with dedicated communications and meetings in the vineyard, the entire production cycle of the wine. The moment of maximum personal creativity, is the choice of font to give your wine, with the help of a team of wine experts on hand to offer a highly professional opinion and experience to novelli vigneron.

Rent a row
For those who dream of making wine, but he has no time or money, has the constant work in the countryside or manual capabilities to cure his own vineyard, There is also the possibility of renting the rows directly in a vineyard. By, Once again, specialized website, associations and companies rent some rows, There is more than one option for those who decide to adopt one. And once you do, wine enthusiast is always informed of all work done in the vineyard, can participate in the harvest and talk directly with the agronomist. With the result, at the end, they have bottles of wine produced by its rows.

Adopt a barrel
And if you rent a row may seem challenging, You can also adopt a barrel, a project that really like to lovers of good wine because it offers the possibility to create your own unique and very personal wine. How it works? You visit the winery and does a "barrel tasting", identifying the barrels that is more to your liking. Made this choice, you pass in the tasting room where you try to create the most suitable blend. This obviously eno-fan is supported in choosing and receives recommendations concerning evolution and other aspects relevant to the Assembly. The wine is then racked into barrels according to the percentages established by the client who can then pass on the farm and directly follow the evolution. And he make the label and choose the name for your own wine.

Customize your own bottle
There are also those who research the quality of certified wine, but he wants to have a truly unique bottle, Maybe personalized with your name, with the logo of your company or with your own design. The world of wine has also thought of their: exist, In fact, the ability to customize large bottles, making each unique label. Once through the web and specialized platforms, or directly in the cellars that offer this option, anyone can unleash their creativity by placing images, pictures and phrases of your own creation, making the bottles something absolutely unique and original.

From the "dress up" in wine production
But when it comes to "dress up" a bottle of wine, the mind immediately goes to the fashion world, that, with wine, has more than one thing in common. Like so many stylists over the years have ventured in signing bottles. A trend like that so much, at the end, more than one decided to produce wine for itself becoming vigneron: the Marzotto family in Roberto Cavalli, from Ferragamo to Antonio Moretti, leader of the company that owns the brand Arfango, Banerjee and CarShoe, by Patrizio Bertelli, Prada ad, the owner of the Diesel brand Renzo Rosso, via Giorgio Schön, Mila Schön's son, the Cruciani cashmere. And a formula that appeals to VIPs and celebrities, It is also the private-label: private label wine, an exclusive line of bottles from a cellar and "dressed" with custom label. Get one, It is also the star of Hollywood, sex symbol par excellence, Richard Gere.


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