Black rice with radicchio Treviso with gilthead with orange

by Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Recipe by chef Philip Chan

X ingredients 6 people

300 gr black rice

1 tuft of Red Radicchio of Treviso

400 Mediterranean sea bream fillets fresh gr barbs and Bared

2 St. Joseph Orange

1 sprig of fresh thyme

80 gr Extra Virgin Olive Oil Aspromontano

Salt and pepper q. b.



Cooked black rice in an adequate amount of water slightly salty. Chopped Radicchio leaves and add them to the rice when cooked. Deletes any cooking liquid and let cool.

Prepare sea bream fillets into cubes and let them marinate in the mixture prepared with orange juice of St. Joseph, timo peeled, salt and pepper.

Moisten with a portion of the marinade liquid black rice mixing to shell the beans.


Composition of the dish.


With a pasta Cup with a diameter of Ø 7-8 cm created a composition to your liking by alternating the black rice in the marinade for fish


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