Lugana Brut de Le Morette and firm as a burlesque. Then there is the macho Perseus. To drink with the guys at Cam Gigandet

by Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ostrich feathers, corsets, pizzi, pearls and high heels. The art of new burlesque, sexy and sensual variety, find it all in the bottle of Lugana Brut de The Morette, a long Charmat method really well managed. The company, then, It also produces two forms of Lugana really catch details: the common thread that ties together the two labels, Benedictus and Mandolara, It is the scent and a fruitier taste compared to the classical style Lugana. Are both pleasant wines, A lot “in summer”, they make me want to exotic.


I hit even Perseus, blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvigno, with natural withering of the grapes, which makes it a very complex wine, sophisticated nuances. Silky and tonic.

De Le Morette wines make me think Cam Gigandet: his gaze so deep and gloomy reminds me of alluring complexity dei rossi; its super Beach winks physicist towards the sapidity of whites.

It would be interesting to try tasting paired (The Morette Cam), How about Geishas Gourmet?! 😉


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