Ruinart Italy. 250 years of liaison

by Thursday, March 13, 2014

La Maison Ruinart was founded by Nicolas Ruinart on 1 September 1729 When, under his best wishes, the inauguration of the first accounting book. The growing success of his effervescent wines gradually prevails over the sales activities of fabrics, that in 1735 disappears completely.

Meanwhile, sales multiplied first in France and then, starting from 1739, even abroad.

We must however wait for the 1764 to encounter substantial shipments of Champagne in Italy, towards Naples and Venice. One of the lucky beneficiaries is none other than the Ambassador to S.M.I. of Austria. At the time, the four coffins 120 bottles wore from Lyon and Marseille pima to continue by sea.

According to the carrier, the adventure was very risky. As A Matter Of Fact, the October 11 of the same year, in a letter to Nicolas Ruinart, I recommend ' ship the crates of Champagne via Strasbourg to the Tyrol», believing that la Maison ' they would more advantages compared to travel overland via Marseille, avoiding the risks, the damage and the maritime insurance».

This first shipment marks the debut of a very profitable trade with Latin neighbours.

It was then the turn of Comte de Durazzo, Venetian Aristocrat, to receive the first crates of Champagne Ruinart. Diplomat, He was also and above all an art enthusiast.

Man of the theatre, organized in his private theatre performances for his friends and contributed greatly to the realization of important reforms in the sector, as the introduction of the opéra comique. Also being passionate about music and painting, sponsored numerous composers and artists including the famous Vivaldi, Luchesi and John David.

This gourmet expert became a loyal customer of Maison Ruinart being partly responsible for its success in Italy.

In 2014 la Maison celebrates 250 years after its first shipment of Champagne in Italy and in occasion of Miart has invited the Israeli artist Gideon Rubin the portrait of one of his first Italian clients. In The VIP Lounge Ruinart, set up and customized within Miart, You can see a preview of the portrait of Count Giacomo Durazzo, a tribute to the first importer of Maison that in 1964 provided his Venetian palazzo with an order of 91 crates of Champagne Ruinart.



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