Here's why not go to the wedding of the former

by Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chiacchieravo the other day with my friend Anna, in front of a glass of Sauvignon Blanc Cloudy Bay, New Zealand. The theme was the wedding of his best friend. Beyond the indecision of the dress to choose from for the occasion, the topic was directed toward a very debated: He, In fact, He invited his former historical marriage and she thanked confirming its presence. His future wife had crooked nose, my friend also.

It's beautiful to remain friends of the people with whom they shared great stories of love. I know for sure, because I have the good fortune to be able to get near the former particularly important, I always had – while we loved and later – a great estimate. My life without them would be the same. My husband knows, knows them, I do not say that they became friends (There is always a bit of "who goes there") but li has accepted and understood. I am married to a very intimate ceremony, which was attended by only the closest relatives, but after the honeymoon we had a party for all your friends, He also invited former dearest. I knew I would have appreciated the gesture but that would not come, so it was.

The former now became friends you invite to wedding for friendship, but I think we expect that their, always for friendship, decline the invitation. At the bottom of, If the story was important there was a time when one of the two – or both – will have wanted to tie the knot and see that dream realized with another is a movie you don't see. It is not jealous, still be secretly in love or similar things: It is perhaps of respect toward the story that was.

As to the former Anna friend who willingly accepted the invitation, I think a bit of feminine rivalry there is. I am sure that day will be presented with the most beautiful dress I could find and it will be more resplendent than ever. At the bottom of ourselves there is always some want to see the man "what was lost". But if we really have to give up this's what. Although our ex and we wish him all the best, can really be a benchmark share his new wife with him? Would it not be more elegant to make a nice gift and decline, kindly, the invitation?



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