Variations of veal, raw on mayonnaise of radicchio and Green Sauce stew out of time

by Sunday, March 9, 2014

De d restaurant recipeby Gigetto of Miane.

For n. 6 people


For the raw: 250 gr. veal fillet

5 g. Salt

Chili q. b.




For vegetables: carrots

parsley root

White celery

grated courgette

radicchio di Treviso


For the Mayonnaise: 100 gr. Apple Cider vinegar

200 gr. radicchio di Treviso

3 egg yolks

200 gr. pomace oil

Salt q. b.




beat the beef and season it with oil, Salt, Chili and winchester and two drops of lemon.

With the help of a food shaping moulds form meat cylinders, Garnish with the julienned vegetables that previously we had cut and left in water and ice for 8 hours. Down the vegetables out of the water and put the, then place them above the cylinder of flesh.


To prepare mayonnaise, Bake the leaves of the radicchio di Treviso in vinegar, reducing the whole of 1/3.

Mix and let cool, combine all ingredients and finally the oil to emulsify the mixture.


For the stew: 1 scapino by 500 gr. about

Celery, carrot and onion

Sage, thyme and Rosemary


For vegetables: carrots

parsley root

White celery

grated courgette

radicchio di Treviso


Radicchio sauce:3 Heads of radicchio

1 hard-boiled yolk

1 anchovy

Cucumbers and pickled onions

Salt q. b.

100 gr. Extra virgin olive oil




Salting the scapino and Brown in hot oil on both sides, place it on a plate with the aromas and roast in the oven for other 10 minutes. Deglaze with dry white wine and cook for 1 now and 30 minutes to 130-140° C.

For vegetables: cut all vegetables into cubes and regular before serving, sear for a few minutes in extra virgin olive oil by adjusting with salt.

For the salsa verde with radicchio: blend all ingredients in cold.

Preparation of the dish:

Serve the veal for obvious reasons of flavors and temperature in two times.

First the Ham with a thin layer of mayonnaise and raw vegetables, a garnish over meat; later repeat the same ingredients cooked, changing the sauce.

Prepare the base of the plate with blanched vegetables putting over the overcooked veal and garnish with its small sauce. Add the classic Green Sauce fragrant with radicchio.



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