Chocolate-mou with powdered toasted pistachios, Cuvée of syrup Barrels Dated 2009 Ginger

by Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Star chef recipe Fabio Barbaglini


Prepare the caramel by melting 500 g of sugar 225 cc of water until a brown colour tending to dark; block, then, cooking by adding 45 cc of water and subsequently 425 cc of fresh cream to get a fragrant and silky cream mou.
Continue cooking for a few more moments; then add 120 g of sifted cocoa, mixing with a whisk.

Pour the mixture, filtering, on 300 g dark chocolate and emulsify getting a chocolate shiny reflections.
Prepare a syrup, bringing to a boil 50 g of sugar and 100 cc of water, and add 300 Cuvée DC Vintage Barrels 2009; continue to cook for a couple of minutes and add 30 g finely chopped ginger, leaving it to infuse for about 45 minutes. Toast in oven 100 g of pistachios at 140° c for about 20 minutes, allow to cool and mix to obtain a powder.

Serve a scoop of chocolate-toffee in a shallow dish or bowl with 1 tablespoon of syrup and pistachio powder.


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