Despite the crisis, the Italian food is growing. Down lunch, on simple dishes. Industry photography Tirenno TC

by Monday, February 24, 2014


Growing of 2,5% the exercises in Italian 2013. AND’ This one of the most surprising data from 34 th Edition of Tirreno C.T., the exhibition dedicated to the world of catering and hospitality underway at Carrara Fiere until Thursday 27 February.

«Consumer taste preferences are always more towards NET flavours, but not strong, "explains Alex Revelli Salehi, Director of the Italian Academy of gastronomy historian and Professor of the course of degree in gastronomic Sciences San Raffaele University of Rome – today's consumers expect simple dishes, not served, but with flavors that reflect the subjects Cook».


Between trends presented at Tirreno c. T. even that limited communication of plates, through the menu that unlike the past needs to be more detailed, narrated. "Today it is essential to use the menu to explain what it is positioned on a plate – continues Revelli Salehi – and to do so it is best to use simple phrases, but with direct concepts, easy to understand, as the raw material used for the given dish».

Profession chef 2.0. The Cook of today must be good (studying the menus, follow consumer trends, to choose collaborators and to manage its business to 360 degrees); the Cook must also be smart in the kitchen, introducing new, but also safeguarding the flavors and traditional dishes. The Cook of today must also be attentive to the health, looking for products and commodities that do harm to the health of the customer, but that at the same time bring them real benefits, while being able to enjoy good food. "The Cook must also know how to transmit a" greedy "intelligence – Alex Revelli Salehi continues – because the consumer is a real heritage to be safeguarded".

Italian cooks Federation (Fic). At Tirreno C. T. brought over 500 cooks of all ages from all over Italy and not only. With the Italy international and regional Championships, the Federation represents a moment of confrontation for the workers. "The Cook of today must be a person with appropriate training – says the President of Fic, Paolo Caldana – and must be able to accumulate a wealth of experience in Italy, But even abroad, before you start a task that is in all respects an enterprise and as such must be able to be entrepreneur ".

Catering numbers. Marks a + 2,55% the number of restaurants, pizzerias and bars opened in Italy. In 2012 were 278.963 are 286.081 at the end of 2013. In 2013 in Italy you are counted 118.912 restaurants and pizzerias, were 115.029 in 2012, and 167.169 bar against 163.934 the previous year. In Tuscany restaurants and pizzerias are 10.119 (+3,48%) and 10.506 (+1,1%) bars for a total of 20.625 (+2,29%) industry unit. In 2012 Tuscany recorded 9.778 restaurants and pizzerias, and 10.385 bars for a total of 20.163 exercises. In slight decline, Instead, the number of employees, passed altogether in Italy from 1.073.693 to 1.039.748 (-3,1%). Also Tuscany marks a decrease of employment with employees dropped in one year from 83.390 of 2012 to 80.134 of 2013 (-3,9%).

The lunch break, breakfast bars and grow dinners. New trends of the Italians in terms of consumption speak of 73 the billions of euros spent in 2012, equal to 35% food shopping, eating away from home. Increasingly popular breakfast in the bar, down lunch while growing the Italians coming out to dinner. After Spain and Great Britain, Italy is the European country with the highest incidence of food consumption outside the home of total food spending (35% compared with a European average of 32%). In terms of per capita spending, Italians spend in restaurants around 1.200 euro per year, the 32% in most of the French and the 53% most of the Germans. Values that place the Italy ranks third in the European ranking for consumption away from home.

Dining outside the home. Undoubtedly the lunch is an opportunity that most consumer suffered food styles change. This food consumption among the home gradually decreases, passing from 84.5% of Italians to 74,3% today. And if twenty years ago over 78% the Italians had lunch the main meal of the day, today that percentage has dropped drastically by as much as ten points. It is slow but profound changes, that indicate food less and less traditional styles. And if before the Italians ate lunch among the home now do…within the walls of the Office. In 2012 the 12 millions of Italians dining away from home are as follows: 4,448 millions have lunch in the canteen, 1,617 Dine at the restaurant, 1,444 Dine at the bar, and 4,159 Dine in the workplace.


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