Bardolino. The wine made by women to gold medal. Word of Mondial du Rosé

by Monday, February 24, 2014


A cellar on three in the doc of Bardolino is managed by a woman. If we consider the joint, the percentage climbs even from 33,3% al 50, far beyond the regional average veneta, It stands on a more modest 24%. If you then take into consideration family employees, essential figure in small and medium-sized companies of Bardolino, half are women: even male-run cellars, Therefore, the fundamental role of women. The news is really curious.

With its 30 millions of bottles, the Bardolino wine is the fourth area of Veneto after the Prosecco, the Valpolicella and Soave and is the 11th in Italy.

The data come from a survey of industry developed by the Consorzio di tutela del Bardolino.

The survey finds that the 72,2% wineries that are associated with the Consorzio di tutela has among its employed at least one woman. The 22,2% companies generally has more females than males among the occupied. The 5,6% of companies formed to 100% from women. The owners of the company are mainly adult women, with an aged over 40 years: These represent, In fact, the 91,7% all the wineries in the area conducting. The category of employees is made up exactly half by females, but in this case it's mostly girls (the 60% of occupied with fewer than 40 years). If then the Bardolino Chiaretto and have begun to Excel even in wine competitions and in the guides, I often need to produce.

For example, all three gold medals won by Italy to the final Mondial du Rosé, the world of rosé wines held in Cannes by French winemakers, Masters in the field, came from the girls of Claret: two medals for the sisters Claudia and Julia Barbieri, the other medal sisters Elena and Federica Zeni, They oversee the family business with his brother. The "tre bicchieri" by Gambero Rosso Bardolino must them to Matilda Poggi, the owner of The farm Fraghe and incidentally also the President of the Italian Federation of independent winegrowers. And the Bardolino Giovanna Tantini to be awarded this year the excellence of the L'Espresso Guide.


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