New year, Krug new. With solar brightness. We have to taste

by Friday, February 21, 2014

Those who follow Gourmet Geisha knows that I am a Krug Lover. Being Able To, berrei him every day at all hours water dimenticandomi. Thank goodness that doesn't work in maison, because it would be impossible to resist seeing me everyday bottles before the eyes. Anche il palato ha le sue debolezze 😉 .

This new Krug I haven't tasted and below we carry the statement posted by the company. Reading It, I feel that I like very much.

KRUG 2003

Promptness Solaire – Radiant Liveliness


All Vintages made by the Maison Krug are created to be extraordinary and unique: each of them contains the expression of a vintage and its character, told as only the Maison Krug does. Each Vintage Krug is a unique and unrepeatable history.




A unique year, where circumstances were very different between them: a dry winter and spring, followed by an extremely early flowering, two frosts and a particularly sultry summer. The harvest was lengthy, the longest in recent history: started in August – condition ever occurred before since 1822 – was then followed by a second wave in October. Collected works, quality grapes with varying levels of ripeness: some still immature – to protect themselves from the heat, the screws had in fact stopped to mature – other already mature.


The 2003 is a sublimated year by Krug as a history of radiant vitality


Krug 2003 tells a story of unexpected freshness, delicious amazing delicacy and intensity – a wine that belies every preconception about hot vintages.

Respect for the individuality of expression of each individual parcel – typical of unique savoir-faire and the Maison Krug – allowed the House to celebrate the beauty of nature by creating Krug 2003.


Krug 2003 is a unique vintage, that deserves to be included among other equally hot vintages and beautifully expressed by Krug, as the 1959, the 1962, the 1976, the 1979 and the 1989. As with any signed Krug Champagne, even Krug 2003 does that improve over time.




Krug has decided to pay homage to a unique vintage with a vintage, calling "Promptness Solaire" (Radiant Vitality) in order to communicate the uniqueness of a year so hot that has surprised its fresh and fruity wines unexpectedly. Krug 2003 is an assemblage of several vintage wines from different vineyards: is a dialogue between rich Chardonnay (29%), fresh and balanced Pinot Noir (46%) able to give structure and body combined to lively Meunier (25%) selected by several villages. The delicacy and elegance of Krug 2003 are further enhanced by a stay of almost 10 years Krug cellars.




• The delicate golden colour at first glance reveals the subtle delicacy of this wine.

• Citrus notes on the nose, Plum, and honey brioche.

• Summer fruits on the palate, as the amazing red grapefruit, where there are aromas of roasted chestnuts and caramelised Apple Pie.



Dishes made with Quince and citrus fruits, as veal or lamb tajine, delicate fish and/or shellfish covered with citrus-based sauce or, yet, oysters au gratin. Marries well with spice recipes, cinnamon and curry. As a dessert, a sweet bread with red currant coulis or citrus fruit gratin.


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