40 Top Restaurant second Ruinart. The Ruinartnetwork.com Guide, APP format soon

by Wednesday, February 12, 2014

flute rose bella

Places of contemporary art in Italy and local symbol of bien vivre, location of charm and taste United by a common passion for Ruinart. All easy to use online with a single click: the RUINART NETWORK www.ruinartnetwork.com.

From West to East, from North to South, and, above all, in every season, the RUINART NETWORK will advise the ideal address to understand and enjoy the spirit of Ruinart, a champagne that wants to be the perfect synthesis of concept art in the round: quality, suggestion, tradition, splendor, modernity. This online guide, He made a limited edition print version, It's a real emotional story of places dedicated to contemporary art in Italy according to Ruinart, from the Castello di Rivoli in Turin, the Museo del Novecento in Milan, the MAXXI Museum in Rome to MOTHER, the Museo di Arte Contemporanea Donnaregina Naples. At the same time, pictures, sounds and sensations accompanying choosing the place where to taste a flûte Ruinart: In addition 40 reviewed and discussed with local photos and videos where you can book, enjoy and experience the esprit de Ruinart. Hotels, restaurants, lounge bar: from Magna Pars Milan and Langosteria Suites 10 Bistrot&Bottega di Milano, the pier G in Punta Ala; from 0° to -300° Toulà in Cortina or The Rock (Phi Beach) -Baja Sardinia.

A food and wine trail through the beautiful country where you can enjoy your favorite champagne bubbles, a constantly updated selection that, in 2014 on the occasion of MiArt, It will enrich the precious contribution of Vincenzo de Bellis, as a further confirmation of the House to be "the champagne of art par excellence.

Soon, will be available also the version APP.



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