Dimmi che bollicine bevi e ti dirò chi sei e cosa ti aspetti dall’anno nuovo

by Sunday, December 29, 2013

Tell me what you untap and I'll tell you who you are.

Or vice versa, see you. The fact is that on a bang 31 December says a lot about us, because there is a wine and food lover or alleged that admit to celebrate the new year drinking and eating bad. I, for example, I love uncork the bottle best I can, Why start with the right foot is always a good incentive for us to proceed with the necessary enthusiasm. So what, you that bubbles are? Or that bubbles is that interesting guy who brought wine to the party you're invited? Let's see…

Has matured 18 years on the Lees and now that is over 18 is ready to give us all the strength and passion of a unique product and near, Ferrari signed. By Collection, vintage 1995, There are around a thousand little bottles in Italy. If you choose this bottle to toast the new year surely you're real connoisseurs, don't love the choices granted evi love stand out. Of course, You also have a good spending capacity (in wine cellars, If ever you find it. Guilio Ferrari Collection costs about 300 euro). Dal Nuovo Anno vi aspettate molto, from the person you're toasting maybe even a major commitment.

The abyss is the most bubbles there is marketing internationally. Hones 13 months at sea, off the coast of Portofino and the result is a classic particular method, whose history is able to fascinate a lot especially newbies. Those who choose this bubbles for la notte di San Silvestro is definitely one that wants to impress, Maybe to impress, definitely do some’ of show, e spera che il Nuovo Anno lo stupisca come questo vino spera lasci a bocca aperta i suoi ospiti (and conquer the most beautiful girl of the Festival).

Charling is a project for a company of Treviso that goes beyond appearances. Aesthetically, In fact, has a glamourosissimo dress, reminiscent of a rubberized body bomb, very elegant and even a little’ sexy. The Wine lover might be turned away from so much aesthetic study, and you lose a good long Charmat, 70% Chardonnay, 30% Riesling, that goes to the public 30 euro (www.bollicine.com). A product for those looking for something nice but not challenging both in taste and in the price, but also something original and not trivial. Dal Nuovo Anno chi beve Charling cerca spensieratezza, fun, a lighter climate is at work and in private life.

Who is a regular reader of Geishagourmet knows: I adore this Champagne by Roederer (or Cristal), has an exceptional price/quality ratio (about 35 euro in wine cellars). Those who choose this label is certainly a careful breeder, an expert who knows that you can enjoy the taste buds even without spending large digits. Those who choose this bottle to celebrate the 2014 is a wine lover watch, capable, wise, that in times of crisis has found the right compromise to continue to pamper yourself looking to save a little. È un tipo smart e dal Nuovo Anno si aspetta nuovi progetti, stimuli to achieve ambitious goals, want to make, all seasoned with a good dose of caution, that does not extinguish the dreams, but it helps to be more concrete.

Other big bubbles that I love so much. Is the top of the classic Italian method, together with Giulio Ferrari, and its fine goes down as one of the best champagne. Irresistible. Those who opt for this label wants to be on the safe side, has a patriotic spirit and definitely has much style. Dal Nuovo Anno vuole certezze, and invest in the Made in Italy. It costs about 80 euro.

The King of Champagne, at least in my opinion. Go on the safe side already starting from Grand Cuvée, about Assembly 50 different wines 6-10 different vintages produced by the three main varietals champenois from twenty villages. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in barriques made from same Maison. 72 months of stay on yeasts and at least 6 months of rest after the dégorgement. It starts from 150 euros. Also here, those who choose Krug for new year's Eve is a definitely a traditionalist, He wants to avoid mistakes, who knows what he wants and you know grant luxuries and pleasures, godendoseli for good. Is one that has already achieved a certain maturity wine, If you are not of age, and not just want to impress upon you, otherwise would choose more labels “commercial” like Dom Perignon, Cristal or Bollinger. No, lui vuole condividere con voi le cose più belle della vita e dal Nuovo Anno si aspetta un anno di consolidamento e ripresa, strong and common projects.

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