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by Thursday, December 5, 2013

Here we are, back to Christmas. In this last month I suspect as a hound and now I can share with you what, in my opinion, is the selection of the coolest objects to put under the tree for one or a food & wine lover.

TamTam Bucket open

Let's start from this: TAM TAM of Veuve Clicquot. Fantastic. AND’ the object of my affection for Christmas 2013, who knows what some Santa Claus is not listening… 😉 Madame Clicquot has revolutionized the world of Champagne with the "table de remuage", inaugurating a trail of innovation that is part of the Maison's DNA and that led to collaborate with many creative talents. The latest creation born from the partnership with Branex Design. Tam Tam for Veuve Clicquot is the iconic Henry Massonet stool, reproduced by Branex Design, and renewed by Veuve Clicquot adding his famous zeste de folie: by opening it in fact becomes a door ice bucket. Available with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label and four flûte in plexiglas, offers the pleasure of Champagne "prêt-à-déguster" in every circumstance.

Indicative retail price 100 € (any changes at the discretion of the dealer).

Limited Edition. Sale on


Then, look how cute are these earrings… They cost a few euros, but definitely the surprise and originality are worth a million.





Earrings-Glasses-of-champagne-earrings-personalized-bmz _ cache-5-5bcbbb107707dd5fc0b9138cf2ae476f. 500 x 500 image.


For men, Here are the twins. There are many models around, but these seem to me to be the most cute…







Without words, Instead, faced with these rings! You can find them here.



Even the appassioanti of hi-tech wine addict can find Christmas gadgets for their, as this USB speaker shaped like a bottle of wine, with the diffuser positioned at the bottom and likely uses of space as a speaker on the principle of the classic "bazooka" (Obviously with very different results) and with power switch, AUDIO IN jack, USB socket, command buttons and memory card reader.



What about these wine handbag? Recall Louis Vuitton and explicitly in a French vin de pays: choice of Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay or Rosé (No one knows what grapes). Cost 36 euro and buy here.




On the same site you will find two other nice things. The first is intended to become molecular cuisine experts, including 50 recipes, We ensure, you will be able to do. The second is the astronaut food, If your he dreams of finding 200 thousand euros to go to the Moon, you might try to convince him to use that money for your home making him taste what you eat there… 😉




But the article more useful that there is the egg that plays three different songs, Depending on the level of doneness you want. If you enjoy cooking “soft” spending the time necessary to hear come out of the water that boils the melody of “Killing me softly”, If the media you want to hear “I was made for lovin’ you”, If you prefer well done will feel “The final countdown”. Without having to watch the clock, for 18 euro!

And then there's him, the sexiest cover of the year. How to help???



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