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by Wednesday, December 4, 2013

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No one is immune from the crisis. Even the chefs. Indeed their, Maybe, they are among the victims most affected, just start counting the enclosed spaces or staff reductions… A consequence of a failure of economic availability of customers, or even just an act of “retirement planning”, which in recent years has led to pay more attention to the superfluous in favour of savings. And the superfluous, Alas, It can also be the dinner at restaurant. So what, What to do, as ingenuity if you chefs looking for employment? The answer I found in much the way is to try at-home chef, an emerging profession that must deal with an important false belief: the fact that hiring a personal chef for a night has cost-prohibitive. So it is not.

And then, until recently, There was another problem: How to find us, This chef at home? Today in our rescue comes a web site, www.chefbooking.com, designed by Massimo Colombo, to which I asked him to write something to explain what is his site and how it works. Good read!


Want to organize a dinner in your home but don't have the foggiest idea what to put on the table? You have to invite your employers for lunch but don't know how to Cook? Want to arrange a romantic dinner but you lack the time to get in the kitchen? No problem. The site http://www.chefbooking.com is born to give answer to all these needs quickly and efficiently.

Browsing between pages you will find Booking chefs experts highly skilled culinary art will come straight to your home to make the dishes you want to taste. Not only chefs will prepare every type of dish but will independently to the grocery store, set the table and reorder the kitchen just end using. So you will be nothing else to do but to enjoy dinner or lunch with who you want without worrying about anything and without having to run from one side to the other of the city to find the best ingredients.

Through promotional videos posted on the site http://www.chefbooking.com each chef will submit to potential customers by stripping the strengths and features of your kitchen. There are those who specialized in the realization of the most typical dishes of the Italian tradition like ribollita toscana or Roman artichokes alla giudia "and those who prefer to propose all new molecular cuisine.

Reading the detailed curriculum of each chef, you will be able to contact the one that best meets your tastes. Ask directly the availability of the chosen Cook on the day you want to open the doors of the House to give him the stove in your kitchen and if the party concerned accepts start to define all conditions so that the event runs smoothly as expected.

To confirm your reservation of a chef you must pay only the down payment than the amount budgeted total while the remaining will be paid directly at the hotel during the preset day.

That's all you have to do to get to your home a professional chef will prepare delicious dishes that will surely make an excellent figure before relatives and friends invited to the occasion.

Enjoy flipping through the pages to find out one by one the chefs participating in this original initiative.

The home chef service, contrary to what you might be inclined to think, has no inaccessible prices.

With the chefs at home service does not need to go to the restaurant to taste special dishes or processed because they will be the chefs that will be directly from you to provide you with their specialities to competitive market prices. Chef at home is the ideal solution even for those with very young children. Often going out in the evening dining out becomes impossible because at a certain time children need to sleep otherwise begin to get nervous. With this service the problem there because the Cubs will regularly sleep in their crib while their parents enjoy a Grand gourmet dinner relaxation in dining room.

Subscribe to the site http://www.chefbooking.com you will learn about each chef.

Celebrating their precious co-operation using an anniversary Special, the start of a new job or a birthday to remember as the most beautiful of all time. For once you give to all temptations throat taste unusual dishes rich in original flavors.

Left amazed by home chefs who think everything to give you unique moments in which you do not have to worry about anything.

On the site http://www.chefbooking.com You can also take advantage of excellent low-priced menu. Depending on the time you can buy complete menu based on fish, land or products characterised by ethnic flavors at a loss. Take advantage of these offers to have candlelight dinners where you won't have to worry about thinking about nothing. The kitchen will be the least of your problems and while the chef buys the best products to achieve excellent delicacies you can go out shopping or relax with a nice hot bath.

Agrees with one of chef a menu designed to measure or check out those already proposed to find the one that is right for your.

Among the various menus available there is plenty of choice. Start browsing the site http://www.chefbooking.com and from your kitchen come dishes restaurant.

You look on Chefbooking.com!

Massimo Colombo


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