1500 bottles to dream and have access to an exclusive club. Here is the Giulio Ferrari Collection, first in Italy to wait 18 years on the Lees

by Thursday, November 21, 2013

There are things that will remain in history and certainly the Giulio Ferrari Collection 1995 is one of these. Because 18 years on the Lees, in Italy, a spumante metodo classico there had ever been. And if that sparkling wine is the flagship product of cantine Ferrari the result is great. If you then say to Mauro Lunelli, the winemaker of the family father of Giulio Ferrari, This new version of his “Firstborn” It resembles a Krug a few special vintage, find out what Remi Krug was one of the masters of the experience in Champagne by Mauro. Of her new babies, held in baptism by the oenologist of the maison Ruben Larentis, they were made, for the debut, 1500 numbered bottles, 500 of which are destined for the foreign market, While other thousands will be in wine shops and Elite Italian restaurants. The cost? It seems that in wine will go to about 250 euro, While the restaurant will start from 350 euro up.

The taste of knowing how to wait. This was the claim of the spot of the Macallan, do you remember?!

The pleasure of being able to wait could be the subtitle of this new amazing product and a fast, This slow, Indeed, This patience by old wise has the power to recall true values and you're transported in an atmosphere of past times, in nineteenth-century Paris, between corsets, great dancing and graceful sophistication that cloaked by Flemish colors of lightness afternoons intense.

The Giulio Ferrari 1972 It was the first label to claim the Italian spumantistica a leading role on the international scene, presenting, at a time when it was thought that the non-sparkling ressero long aging potential, with an aging of 8 years. With the same pioneering spirit, the Giulio Ferrari collection is today the only Italian bubble to see the light after 18 years of waiting, in the darkness and silence of the cellar. The first edition is an expression of the harvest 1995, that was of exceptional quality, much to go down in history as "the vintage of the century". Disgorgement is February 2012.

The Giulio Ferrari collection is a Trentodoc, Chardonnay in purity, that comes from a single vineyard which to Maso Pianizza, place at high altitude and entirely surrounded by Woods, confirming that the Trentino, with its mountain viticulture, has an extraordinary potential for creating Classic Method from the unparalleled elegance and complexity. Personally, I'm proud of: is a product that combines all the power of Italy, and right now it takes so hard socio-economic dreams, dreamers and symbols.

With the new Trentodoc comes also the club of "Giulio Ferrari Collectors", You can join those who have bought at least one bottle of Giulio Ferrari Collection, and allow access to a range of experiences and special privileges.

The Giulio Ferrari Collection was presented Wednesday evening by the Lunelli family in ART, the restaurant recently opened in Milan and tied to Altagamma Foundation, that Ferrari is among the promoters members, during a dinner organized by chef Nino di Costanzo and Alfio Ghezzi and orchestrated by chef resident Andrea Migliaccio and sommelier of the Capri Palace (that has local management) Angelo Di Costanzo, best sommelier of Italy Espresso. Invited, one hundred selected guests, including of course yours GG.















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