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The only thing that unites what Riccardo Felicetti wanted to do and what, with a lot of passion, today is successfully is the goodness: between dreaming of being the COP who defeats the villains or the Alpine rescuer saves people in danger and the manufacturer of pasta there is a thin link called do something good for people. Because, It is undeniable, a good spaghetti, made with genuine raw materials, mountain water and great attention to quality and the environment, It's good for the body and spirit. Sometimes, in certain areas of the world, the pasta comes to save lives. Just like could do a public safety officer. Class 1965, married to Deborah, with two sons (Luca di 13 years, Mattia di 7), Ski enthusiast, golf and, ça va sans dire, of high gastronomy, President of the Association of Italian pasta makers, Riccardo Felicetti is the symbol that the generational passage can be done and, Indeed, can bring good results: his is the fifth generation to lead the pastificio Felicetti, founded in 1908, and the results demonstrate a growing managerial capacities not common. And the whole "home made", given that the conduct is totally familiar.


Fantasy, How many pasta makers in Italy?

Listed there are about 130, but producing pasta are at least 200 companies and there are very large and very small.


What is the quality of Italian pasta?

Has never been so good as during this period, because in recent years there has been a push from the bottom upwards in search of products that come from the standardization of the shelf. Never before has the Italian pasta is mixed and this brings richness inhomogeneities, never before has the dough was not equal and therefore you can appreciate its various facets date from the raw materials used, technology and tradition, as well as the market that a Pasta Maker decides to approach. In almost all cases there is a nice product consistency.


The water is really so fundamental for the production of pasta?

Yes, Why should not leave residues. We receive durum wheat that has moisture around 15% and we sell a product that has a relative humidity of 12%: This means that we are extracting more than as there comes the raw. Then, If our grain is mixed with pure water that does not contain chemicals and has not been treated, will not leave residue and will not go to correct the taste of grain. Same thing, perhaps even more noticeable, is the speech of the air. The air enters the factory and is not affected by the treatments. We want cubic feet and cubic meters for esiccare pasta: This clearly causes a difference between esiccarla in Predazzo and in Shanghai. In essence this is the value that he produce it in Predazzo.


You are the only pasta makers in Trentino?

Yes. Until 1976 at Rovereto there was pastificio Heaven: When closed, My father and his brothers instead of transferring families from Predazzo in Rovereto bought the sky and have them transferred in Predazzo. This marked our great revolution: We have moved from a purely business daily, from morning to night, in a three-shift production. Working with the shifts in Val di Fiemme in those times there were the hospital, the carabinieri, the police and the Enel. The area then was a revolution. Being able then to form employees who were able to work and cover a nightly round was equally ambitious.


Like his great-grandfather never occurred to me to make the dough?

The sacred fire of the dough was because he was a contractor around the Empire. Had a construction company and with his team of men had occupied to build important things like the aqueduct of Vienna, rather than tunnels for railways, etc. Then came home and had a son. The fourth son decided to stop in Predazzo. At that time there was a gentleman, Giacomelli, who had a factory in a building where it was located on the first floor and ground floor matches. Took over the factory and began to set up a new production. At that time provided Predazzo and the surrounding areas. The dough was transported in wooden boxes with chariots and horses, and also fornivamo Hungarian army during World War II.

Negi 1950s, with the third generation Fantasy has marked the first exporting abroad, Thanks to the agreement Degasperi Gruber. We weren't slaves to which entered duty in Austria without taxes, and this was not just. Through this before exporting, that forced us to create a socket to export Office, go then in Germany had been a fairly simple step. Then from 1976 forward, with machines purchased from pastificio sky and set up an establishment, We started to export a lot and has been our lifeline when in the mid-1970s, there was the famous price lock. At that time the most expensive meal of pasta, and 1200 It survived about pasta 300. We were among those.



The dough, though, It is felt like a product of trentino, ....

The idea is that in 1908, When my great-grandfather started to produce, the dough was not a product of isolation from Trentino: There was a factory for every Valley because ' Austro-Hungarian had a system of support for which the alpine valleys had to be self-sufficient side during the winter, whereby each there must have a unit producer of unresolved food yourself. That was an area of Predazzo mills and wheat came from plain. They produced rye, barley, wheat, wheat flour, and the pasta is made with what was, definitely not with durum wheat.


How many are paste formats?

About 400.


How Come so many?

The mouth is a particular instrument. Has an ability to perceive the rifling, the thickness, roughness and so on so different from format to format. The masticatory Act in itself, a pen and a fusillo, a macaroon and a spaghetti are different. And so the ability to gather the sauce. In Short, It is a difficult world ... funny! The trouble is that at the end there are, as we said, 400 Paste formats available today in Italy. There are twenty on the shelves of department stores and are intended to 95% Italian consumer. The other 5% goes in search of non-standard products that represent the other 380 formats.


The most beloved Italians pasta?

The spaghetti.


The most popular trentini?

Barilla's ... Joking aside, for them the spaghetti, but i have a particular predilection trentini for pasta.


The data of the Cia-Italian farmers Confederation, talk about 3,3 million tonnes of pasta made in Italy, for a value of 4,6 billion euro, We market leading position. At European and international level the Italian pasta that has value?

We produce the Italian pasta 25% World pasta. More than 50% national production goes outside. The dough is the real Italian agrifood locomotive, because it brings back the tomato, olive oil, the Parmesan or Grana padano, and many other products, wine included. No pasta there wouldn't be a first course, Italian style. We believe that in Italy there is the dough more good in the world, but unfortunately, in some areas of the market value of the brand Italy was lost to our inability to more capacity or quality of other. I speak of an Italian pasta system's inability to assert the difference between pasta made in Italy and other pasta: the fact is that the dough is not only a mixture of wheat flour and water, but it is also made of intangible values as history, tradition, technology and expertise. An issue that not only affects the overseas. Even within national borders is not enough to have Italian passport and one kilo of flour to say that you are good at doing the paste ...


She is part of the Industrial Association?

Yes, certain. Having chosen not to continue my studies after technical and commercial maturity that I did in Predazzo, I had the possibility of exchanges with colleagues locally and nationally, the offer from the Industrial Association, a huge opportunity for growth both at both corporate and personal. In the 1990s, Thanks to the Association, I had an enlightening meeting with Ahmed Rana, that within a few minutes, much practice, gave me a vision of the world. In the days following, along with my cousins, Thanks to the reflections induced by that meeting, We have set the objectives of our company by October 1995 today have not changed.

That being said, in a trade association there is a defect that to represent all is not none.



Will never in politics?

No. And if I will, I won't in Trentino. I don't want to make controversy. Do another job, I see things from the outside and not everything I love. I could criticize if I had knowledge of the facts, but I do not have and that is fine as well ...



What do you think of the Barilla?

I think it is horrible not to be able to express their opinions, but, on the other hand, precisely because we are aware of this, you need to consider on a daily basis what is corporate social responsibility that an entrepreneur has towards public administrations, the older stakes and people who work with you. An output such as Barilla did was fix not only his company, but the whole environment.. When you are dozens of customers after they ask you "but you like to think?”, you don't know how to respond because there are issues that, whatever you say, are able to split into two public opinion.


How Many Oscar Farinetti, the founder of Eataly, There should be?

From the point of view of the passion, We should all be Oscar Farinetti, from the point of view of the ability to communicate we should all learn from him. The ability which had Farinetti to involve institutions and not to steal their responsibilities are unique.


Her kitchen?

Yes. Obviously, the pastas are good, but I also lead with the starters, a little less with seconds. Whenever my wife and I can always challenge us to surprise, but because I do it once a year. On that particular occasion do everything myself, also because I am having masters, I have some crazy advisors (as Davide Scabin, ndr), and then I've seen so many around the world ... For this I can always surprise you but don't use it as an instrument of seduction. Don't ever ask a woman to dinner and cucinerei I, rather I would bring out.


Plans for the future?

The contractor shall treat the good of his company to transfer to the next generation. The grandchildren of the fifth generation are already emerging in the company: for their vocations have interests which I hope will coincide with the company's philosophy. As far as I'm concerned, My goal is to leave them an undertaking can be carried out with satisfaction the commitment that requires. And I'm not talking about turnovers, cash flow and profits, but in terms of values, which I hope will be passed.





Your favourite dish

Butter and anchovy Spaghettoni (long pasta)


Your favorite movie

Forrest Gump


The last book you read

I'm rereading No logo.


If I hadn't done

The police officer and the Alpine mountain rescue


Your greatest fear

Stay only


Recurring dream

I do not have. Dream often, but not with one that returns. The paranoia I do day




Turnover: 30 million euros

Employees: 55

Production: 20.000 tons of pulp per year

Markets: 30% Italy, and in Trentino Alto Adige is the second best selling brand for department stores

70% Abroad, with Europe, North America, Japan


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(from my article on Trentinomese of November 2013, Photo by Paul Curcu & Francesca Negri)


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