What to cook for dinner if you've invited a chef (and even stars)

by Thursday, November 7, 2013


1003225_10152035140062068_1467818048_nToday I cooked for star chef. AND’ the first time it happens. To cook for one person, in General, in my opinion we must know it well, or do you have to have very clear ideas. I'm a little’ Enrico Croatti know him, and today I cooked for him to show him how much I had pleasure in knowing that the Michelin Guide 2014 gave him his first Star for his work at the Chalet Dolce Vita Dolomieu of Madonna di Campiglio. I wanted to do a familiar gesture, but I also had an ambitious goal: give cues. I'm not a professional Cook, me la cavo benino, but I think that if I ever went out into the head and decide to join Master Chef, throw me out at first to make bechamel. To give cues I mean I wanted to taste two or three things that maybe didn't know and maybe they could please him and explain – who knows – some new creation.

If you cook for a chef stellato, then, How to choose which menu do?

Given that:

1) I can't ever make good of its dishes

2) do not ever impiatterai well as he

3) you will never have all of his equipment and his Brigade


What you have to do is:

1) bet everything on the raw material

2) do a few simple things

3) prepare before more things possible, so you can assemble or finish cooking during dinner and not have to Cook all expressed

4) try to do things that you have never tasted (If not unprecedented, non ha metri di paragone 😉 )

5) study the character

6) Choose a great wine, so at least distracts you with that

7) put a stiletto heel and a lovely dress, così almeno si distrae anche con quello 😉

In my case, I wanted to interpret a product typical trentino, land where Henry works, Although it is in Rimini. In addition, because I think he is one of the most playful and chef who loves to push the sexiness of her dishes from their description, I wanted to fool around on this as well as some’ pander, choosing ingredients very sexy. Coming from the sea and working in the Dolomites, that were once a coral reef, I thought I'd join a mountain product with one of the sea. And then, I made the sign of the cross and I thought, don't make me come to the performance anxiety, that “How is it going, va” and that in any case “find it is” for a chef I think is already a great thing.

The result? Here It Is.









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