If the erotic dream of Italian chefs, We want to mention the sommelier?

by Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Consecrated them tv. Chaudhary, O &co, I read in the newspapers, are the new forbidden dream of Italy. Of the rest, the man who always makes cooking a lot sexy, It goes without saying that his ancestor, the chef, cucchi one digit. With the necessary but, Anyway, Dear girls. Why doing informal chat on this topic with some known, well-known media cooks, This thing of sex symbol and especially of Cook tombeur de femmes, appears to have more hot air than reality. Too many working hours, too little time to devote to “distractions”, too much stress. Not everyone is so, but, tell me, for many. So what, If after 14 hours between your sexy chef stove no longer fantasies if not to indulge in the arms of Morpheus, How to blame him?

There is, though, another category that, always, I find it more interesting than the chef and sommelier, that then I can decline even in the winemaker, the agronomist, wine maker, in the winemaker. Usually little egocentric (chef artist is very focused on himself) and hedonists (are or are not the followers of Bacchus?!), on average, more physically fit (go back and forth from the basement keeps fit, and then have more spare time to look after it themselves), naturally more friendly and predisposed to relationships (they are in contact with the public, the Cook, closed in the kitchen, usually it's more demure and rough).

So much, that some of them would put to the test the most chastened of the wine lover. The way you pour the wine, When you do enjoy, certain gestures in undress the bottles for stapparle, the attention to detail in color, in the scent, in flavor, that low tone of voice, You sly caresses to tell you the sensations producing areas…

In their, the tannins result in pheromones. Forget to resist. And then, why you should do it? 😉


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