The St. Hubertus enters Les Grandes Tables du Monde

by Monday, October 21, 2013


After years at the top of Italian gastronomy, St Hubertus restaurant at hotel Rosa Alpina Pizzinini family and the kitchen of chef Norbert Niederkofler, get the coveted admission to the Association "Les Grandes Tables du Monde" which brings together a selection of restaurants on four continents, in order to keep alive the Haute cuisine and the art of living.


It was awarded the new philosophy adopted in the kitchen, with a path that the chef has taken about two years. With "Cook" the mountain " literally mountain cuisine, undocked from international conventions and raw materials related to the global food market, for closer to the territory. In particular, the South Tyrolean Mountain, with local producers with their ingredients have changed the paper plates at the restaurant. No more foie gras or precious fished in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, but simply local char, goat butter, South Tyrolean valleys lambs, prepared according to the technical requirements but surrounded by new scents and aromas of forest and natural rediscovered.


Un'Associazione dating 1954 Les Grandes Tables du Monde, born from a convivial meeting between six Parisian restaurateurs who on that occasion decided to bring together all those who were champions of excellence and tradition of high gastronomy. In order to promote these values and these concepts, gave rise to a first Association "Tradition et Qualité" which was the first step in what later became a much more important project. THE 6 founders furano: Jean Barnagaud (Prunier), André Vrinat (Taillevent), René Lasserre (Restaurant Lasserre), Claude Terrail (La Tour D'Argent), Raymond Oliver (Le Grand Véfour), Louis Vaudable (Maxim's).

Initially the members were only French restaurants, but from the 1960 onwards were also allowed other restaurants. In 1990 the Association decided to change the name from "Tradition et Qualité" in "Les Grandes Tables du Monde", giving a more clear and unambiguous message to all those who love high catering.

Since the values of the Association are to promote the art of living and high gastronomy, and all three basic elements: excellent ingredients, fine restaurants and impeccable service. Criteria according to which the new members are chosen, and allowed.



St Hubertus Rosa Alpina-San Cassiano (Bz)

T. 0471849500


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