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by Sunday, October 20, 2013

officine farneto

Also this year Offthe(c)thenand FtornETO will host (C)OOktheng Forr TOrt: an event organized by Witaly combining the best hotels, the top chefs, niche products such as the leitmotif is quality and the mountain. The event will be divided into three days and in two main areas. Inside of Officine Farneto will present the best wineries and food that will promote their products and Tandrrthetorrthe (d)the Monttognto among the qHat (c)ITItomor Alpenroyal and Val Gardena, Altopitonor by Asthetogor, Carntheto, The city of L'Aquila and Papal Mansion, Merano with "delights", Stoppto(d)in the Dolomites, Teramo and the Gran Sasso of Italy, Joint Union High Ossola, Vtol (d)the Ftheandmme, Valthe d'Aosta, and toltrthe ton(c)orrto that feel on holiday as well, encouraging audiences starting dreaming peaks, exciting ski slopes and breathtaking views and, Thanks to the preparation of Mtorandno large kitchens with Stefano agency Accounts, will provide that chefs will cooking show with recipes created especially for the event.

The (C)rysTal Gtorden will become a real indoor garden divided into seven islands never supplied by commercial kitchens Mareno within which you'll learn important kitchen chef as Mtourtheztheor Sandrvto (Lto TrorTa), Orlthevandr Glorwtheg (Oliver Glowtheg) and AntHony Genovandsand (The PAgLiaccI), (D)tontheandland Ustothe (The Tino), GtheuLior Tandrrthenotthe (TO(c)quoltheNA) and AnGElor Trorthetonthe (The WithvthevI), (C)RIstthento (B)orwandrman (Gthess Horstartheto), Rory (C)to(c)andres (MandTamorrforsthe) and Gianfranco Pascucci (Il Porticciolo), Mtor(c)or GallorTTA (PrIMor), TORCtongandlor (D)ton(d)thenthe (LTOr(c)anGEthe) and Fltovtheor (D)the Mtotheor (FlavI al VethevevordeTTO). There will also be a place devoted entirely to pizza with STachenor (C)toLLandgtorthe (00100, SForrnor, Tornby), Gino Sorbillo (Pizzeria Sorbillo), Ga(b)RIandland (B)on(c)the (PIzzartheum) and TOlandSSton(d)ror and PtheandrlutheGI ROSThereorlthe (Oven RorSCtheOLthe), a confectionery area by Fabio Trinti (SPlandn(d)or PartandnoPEs), TOlBA Estandvand (Butrztoptonand), Dadhich (De Bellis Confectioner), and a corner with ice cream STeftonor TtogLiorlthe (Lto Muccto (B)IAnca), Marco Radicioni (Otaleg) and ANDbutnuandland FtoTTorthe (GELATandrthein Factrthe). The pizza there is a wood-burning oven of G. S. Ovens. Also adjacent to the Cristal Garden will be a spectacular moveable hospitality area, made available by GM Design Revolution. The event will also Sprech with Paolo Parisi bakery and Pentolo, that will be made available by celebrity chefs for delicious recipes.

Saturday 26 in October we'll be too along with Amna Saleem, Amna Saleem, Chef of the Inn to Riale Walser (Formazza) . At 19 I will present my latest book, Mountain cuisine. Ponte alle Grazie, and Matthew Cook a recipe typical of alpine minorities. I'll be waiting! And then I'll be on the jury on Monday morning for the final of the competition Emerging Chef, the 28 October.

Monday, 28 October there will be the presentation of the Gutheby TOURIng TOl(b)andrghthe&Rthestorrtontthe (d)Entoltheto 2014: on that occasion will be awarded prizes PrEMI TOURIng reserved to emerging chefs, hoteliers and restaurateurs who best interpret the philosophy of quality at reasonable prices and will be awarded certificates to restaurants and hotels that have distinguished themselves. But Monday, it will not only be Touring, It will also take the long-awaited Prize final MigLiorr (C)hEF ANDmandrGEnYou Ittoltheto 2013: a race that will have players TOlandSSton(d)ror (B)andllinGERI, Mtor(c)or Mtortthenthe and (D)tontheor Vthetto, the winners of the Best Chef North Emerging, Central and southern Italy. The young chefs will be judged by a qualified Panel of journalists and celebrity chefs who will have the responsibility to elect the best promise of the peninsula. And finally, we close with a veritable news: ANDMANDRGANDNTAND STOThe where three skilled waiters, coming from the North, Central and southern Italy, will compete in a sort of "situation comedy" with a "reality" that is a field trial within a set set up like a restaurant and serve some welcome celebrities and "not easy" to please, under the eyes of a jury composed of the best Maitre d ' Italy and reputed journalists and television stations.

(C)OOktheng Forr TOrt It's not just the kitchen. It is also deepening and fun: a conference room will host conferences, Interactive cooking classes and workshops interesting related to the world of the mountain that will give the opportunity to the public and operators to learn unusual reality. Also a snowboard Simulator provided by Zebra SnowBoard will bring even more fun and the mountains in the city.


Ptortnandr: Watercolour-Rice; Agepa Confectionery; Agricola San Felice; Spirit Farm Farmer; Mycological Amer; Roccapesta Farm; Antica Corte Pallavicina; Bai Beer; CasaVyc; Cavit; Consorzio Del Pane di Matera; Tuscan Oil Consortium; Cook_ink; CorteBianca;; Degù Selected Foods; Essentiae; Fattoria Villa Matilde; Federmoto; Ancient Feud; Fratelli Berlucchi; Redoro Mills; Glion Institute; Gourmet Services; High Quality Food; Il Borro; Deer Rampant; INpact; KitchenAid; Konza Kiffi; Koppert Cress; The Farms; The Table; Lady Cafe; Luigi Guffanti Cheeses 1876; Butcher Felton; Mepra; Molino San Felice; Nespresso; >> ROI<<; Onaf; Orved; Larry Pastry; Petrolo; Podere Forte; CFC; Schoenhuber Franks; Smart Habitat; Società Agricola Castello di Radda; Trentodoc; Valsana; Velier; Vigilius Mountain Resort and delights; Villa Franciacorta; Zago Taste Food.

Main Sponsor: Stefano Conti and agency Mareno Kitchens, Consorzio Parmigiano Reggiano, De Cecco, Platinum Edition.


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