White gold in Città di Castello. For the 34th time

by Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Have already switched on the engines of organization of the National Fair of white truffles from Città di Castello (Pg). From 31 October to 3 November the beautiful Umbrian town will be the setting for the 34 th Edition of this great event promoted by the Comunità Montana Alta Valle d'Aosta and the municipality itself. The main objective is to promote the truffle and the excellence of the territory in a unique opportunity.


Essential, but at the same time prestigious, the ingredients of kermesse tifernate now known worldwide. Since the truffle market, the very heart of the event, that in Piazza Matteotti will see many manufacturers offer sizes can also be accessed in times of crisis. Under the Loggia Gildoni space "smells and tastes of the territory" will offer typical menu while in Piazza Gabriotti find exhibitors space national excellence in tensile structure dedicated to the flavors of Italy. As A corollary to the exhibition areas the rich animation program. From cooking shows led by Alex Revelli Salehi and Susanna Cutini Italian Academy of Gastronomy, together with the historical city hotel schools, the first in Città di Castello di "truffle Master Chef" in which to test some selected competitors and of which will be severe judge Michele Bendini, the veterinarian with a passion for food who participated in Master Chef Italy.


Rich choice of laboratories, starting from those around another great product of the territory, the Chianina, for which by popular demand will be the "Vitellone bianco quiz" and "Chianina Art Junior", the space reserved for children of kindergartens, edited Consorzio di tutela del Vitellone bianco dell'appennino centrale. In addition, the survey between history and the Slow Food taste, wine tasting organised by the Pro loco and the town's Street, guardians of orthodoxy when it comes to typical dishes. Among the novelties of this edition there will be craft beer, protagonist in combination with truffles.


Many guests expected in section “The books of the truffle” during which will be presented the cookbook, collection of three publications already published in a single volume direct to the public. In addition to a full program of presentations of books on the subject of land and gastronomy. Starring even oil and wine with the sixth edition of the two halls dedicated to them and the 4th regional category Igt wine competition. Concurrently will open registrations for the contest my oil, reserved for manufacturers hobbyists. Renewing the Alliance with the fair of concrete Utopias on the morning of Saturday 2 November at the Hall of mirrors of the Circolo Tifernate Illuminati Academy will take place the Conference “Innovation and productivity”.

To enter the atmosphere of the exhibition is meant to preview during the event Altrocioccolato, that from Friday 18 October Sun 20 October, present within a specific laboratory “The eighth wonder of the world”, the truffle chocolate created for the occasion, and a stand of local producers


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