Tom Stevenson of tasting 10 best english sparkling wines

by Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"In Britain we produce 2,6 millions of bottles, referred 1,6 miolioni of Metodo classico, for a fig about wineries totaledi128 16 worth drinking». He made his debut as Tom Stevenson, one of the greatest experts of Champagne in the world, today in Franciacorta to animate a tasting – the Franciacorta Consortium as a moment
Educational and cultural – submitted by 10 best English sparkling wine 8 wineries.

And then we start. Forgetting, as recommended Tom, the style Champagne and Franciacorta, because with bubbles is a English “acid trip”. That said this is not the case that it is very tempting.

1. Nyetimber 2009 Classic Cuvée
Peak House, born in 1988, the largest vineyard in England, have the potential to produce 1,5 millions of bottles. Produces only in the best vintages. In 2012 has not produced anything.
Very immature, but, all in all, not bad.
55% Chardonnay , 26% Pinot noir, 19% Pinot Munier

2. Nyetimber 2009 Single vineyard Tillingtone
79% Pinot noir, 21% Chardonnay
Very acidic, I don't like it.

1and 2 made by a young Canadian winemaker, Cherrie Spriggs.
Little perfumed both.
We find out at the end of tasting that nr 2 is the most expensive of the market, 75 pounds. I am happy, I know that I will not.

3. The Dean Plumton Nv Brut
Bon classified, for my palate. I have no taste, could be anything.

4. Camel Valley 2011 Pinot Noir Rose
100% Pinot Noir. Orange SA, pleasant, not required. Camel Valley lies to the South East is granite, the vineyards are South, Sussex and Kent, where the soil is identical to that of Champagne, for these reasons, the result is less acid. The English sparkling wine have built a reputation with the rosé version.

5. Ridgeview 2009 Victoria Rose
Interesting, closer to rosé already enjoyed,say so more international style.

6. Herbert hall 2010
40% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot noir, 30% Pinot Munier
Very close to the French style. Good.

7. Henners 2009 vintage
34% Chardonnay, 33% Pinot noir, 33% Pinot Munier
A favorite of Tom. Io non lo ordinerei mai 🙁 .

8. Hambledon 2010 Mill Down
66% Chardonnay, 14% Pinot noir, 20% Pinot Munier
Interesting wine, complex, full of personality. Perhaps what struck me most so far.

9. Hambledon NV Première Cuvée
58% Chardonnay, 24% Pinot noir, 18% Pinot Munier
Discreet, without Emotions.

10. Hattingley 2010 Kings Cuvée
73% Chardonnay, 14% Pinot noir, 23% Pinot Munier
Troppo dolce.

Gli sparkling Wines inglesi costano in media 35 euro. Perché dovrei bere questi vini, invece che un Franciacorta?
No idea. 😉 Ma è stata una bella degustazione, molto istruttiva.





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