Dancer with harpsichord. The recipe of Dripping taste event pending

by Friday, October 4, 2013

Rist. Villa Chestnut –
Chef Diana Bertuola

Ingredients for 10 people

For cymbals:
1 roll of pasta fillo
100 gr. of melted butter

For the Morlacco mousse (typical Alpine cheese, produced during the summer months on the massif of Grappa)
300 gr. morlacco del grappa
300 gr. mascarpone
300 gr. whipping cream
50 gr. Elder honey
02 sheets of isinglass
qb. salt and pepper

For presentation seals:
50 gr of spaghetti al nero di seppia
100 gr elder honey
02 medium new potatoes
01 red pepper
50 gr of grated parmigiano reggiano
02 medium Zucchini
02 medium-sized carrots
10 dill leaves
qb. frying oil

For the oil foam Asola:
300 gr vegetable cream to mount
100 gr extra virgin olive oil DOP Asola


Form cymbals spreading 2 pasta fillo sheets and overcome them brushed with the two sides in contact with melted butter. Draw with a average food shaping moulds 10 Hunt and lay them on oval inverted stencils, forming of shells. Repeat the same procedure using a smaller food shaping moulds, by drawing the circles on a half ball shapes. Bake the two half shells in the oven at 200° c for two minutes until they become slightly browned. Cool and churn.

With the help of mixer, work the morlacco with mascarpone cheese until you get a creamy consistency.
Apart from, soak in a little cold water fish glue, then dissolve in 100 gr. heated vegetable cream and add to the mixture of morlacco. Lighten up with the remaining whipped cream and adjust (If it serves) salt and pepper. Enrich with elderberry and keep in the refrigerator.

Prepare the different cut thinly leverdure seals with mandolina.
The new potatoes, After washing and dry well, go fries in olio extra vergine d'asolo to 170° obtaining of fragrant chips. Dry on paper towels.
Cut the pepper into very thin slices. Ask ben stretched out on parchment paper and sprinkle with the grated Parmesan. Seccarle the microwave at full power.
Then slice the carrots and courgettes. Sbianchirle for a few minutes in boiling salted water. Cool.
Boil spaghetti in salted water and cool in cold water. Roll out each individual spaghetti on sheets of silpat (or baking paper). Dry in oven at 50° 5 hours, getting so thin crispy sticks.

For the oil foam:
Mount the Blender (at medium power) the vegetable cream. When it is well mounted, add extra virgin olive oil of Asolo. Mix all and keep well in the fridge cold.

On a small plate place the largest shell. With the help of two spoons, form a quenelle of the compound with the morlacco and place it inside the half shell. Place Shell vertically means smaller, taking care to keep it slightly hard on quenelle.
Insert slightly on quenelle, chip and pepper, resting them on the Middle vertical shell.
With the help of a straw, propeller twist the courgette and carrot and lay them, slightly protruding, on the basic shell. Cut the spaghetti to the length of about 4 cm. Elder laccarli in honey and slide on quenelle, leaving them well in evidence. Garnish with dill leaves.
With the help of a sac-a-few form spikes of foam of Asola to fix oil on vegetables.

Chef's notes:
The pasta fillo shells symbolize the cymbals that dancer holding.
The quenelle represent the artist's ability to model.
The vegetables are the following symbols:
the potato (lightness), dried peppers (transparency), the carrot and Courgette (the draping of the robes).
Spaghetti identify the "Locator" (small metal pegs used by the artist on his work).
The oil foam represents "the idea, the genius "by the artist, so intangible, Ethereal, how full of taste, flavor, history, culture and uniqueness.

The 19 and the 20 October art and cuisine come together in the historic centre of Treviso at Treviso: Dripping Taste art in Pot, a veritable exhibition of tastes on the road that will involve some of the main squares of the beautiful Venetian town. Teaching farms for children, exhibitions, cicchetterie, cooking show, cooking competitions, urban gardens, guided tastings and dinner don't miss transform quality food and wine in a fun for young and old. Inspired by the Action Painting of the great American painter Jackson Pollock (Cody 1912 – Long Island 1956) and principles of modern Eclectic Cuisine, TREVISO: DRIPPING TASTE 2013 The art on your plate, presents all the creativity of Restaurateurs of the Marca Trevigiana (Unascom-Confcommercio) to show (and enjoy) as the touch of a chef and the gesture of an artist are actually two sides of the same coin.Squares, the salons and ateliers to sample or purchase products at Km scratch in all their forms, following a journey of taste that will cross the heart of the capital of the brand, from piazza Borsa at piazza Indipendenza, passing through piazza San Vito, for that College, up to the Loggia dei Cavalieri and deeper in the exhibition spaces of the Museum of Santa Caterina. The squares of taste will be dedicated to the excellence of the province of Treviso, including Radicchio Rosso di Treviso IGP and Variegato di Castelfranco IGP, the honey and the bee World, the Cheesemaker and crafts of Butcher, the cornmeal Biancoperla, Bean dwarf Borlotto to Levada, extra virgin olive oil "DOP ColliTrevigiani", and the products of pastry craftsmanship trevigiana. A part of the event will be also space in the Palace of the Chamber of Commerce where Saturday, at 20.30, the dinner will be "experimental" for gourmet lovers and those who want to be surprised by the imagination of the chef of the Restaurants of Treviso Unascom-Confcommercio (The dinner will have a price of 35,00 euro and will be exclusively on the reservation number 0422 440751 (from Monday to Friday business hours) or 337 310483). To precede the main event which will take place in the historic centre of Treviso, will the event “Cicchetti in the Museum” that the program 12 October to Oderzo, where will the renewed and innovative formula to accompany the guided tours inside the museums with finger food tastings (cicchetti) philological preparations and shows directly from the chef



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