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by Tuesday, October 1, 2013


The Daily Sip a few days ago he interviewed Lidia Bastianich, Joe's MOM (Masterchef judge Italy and USA) and one of the most powerful women in American cuisine, with regard to wine. I reproduce below the interview because I think it is interesting to understand how a successful restaurateur, mention of wine in a market as well as strategic as that American.

The wine, in your opinion, is an important part of the meal?
The wine is the food . The wine should be on every table . I grew up with the wine on the table . My grandfather had. Then, for me, is a total and absolute necessity , like hotcakes . You complete your meal , you complete the food and does it simply “hear” well .

What are your first memories of al vino ?
Since I have memory, My grandfather made wine. He used to gather the grapes. I could barely walk , I was among the vineyards, I was helping a grape harvest, Although in the end I ate several clusters rather than install them in cassettes, and then pigiavo the grapes in the Bowl. My legs were full of grape juice and then the bees I took of Myra…

What is your favorite wine ?
I come from Friuli, a region notoriously vinicola. There my family still produces wine. One in particular, called Vespa, is my favorite. AND’ a bland Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Picolit and it is a great complex white . And I love seafood, and the Vespa with their combines to perfection.

Abbianamenti food and wine?
The wine should be seasonal . If it is summer and it is hot, a sparkling prosecco or a nice Sauvignon are ideal . If it's winter , with a pot roast, the best thing is a fine Barolo. Also the Chianti okay.



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