The end of the harvest in Ca’ the forest is like a movie. Experience the excitement with the photos and the video of the Orchestra of Sanremo

by Monday, September 30, 2013

People harvest ca del bosco

I remembered a little’ Krug event some time ago. Certain, the splendour and magnificence of the maison of Reims were different, but also to HARVEST evening by Maurizio Zanella at the end of the harvest in Ca’ del Bosco was not anything to talk about something really special. I have not seen more wine festivals “grandiose” of this, so far, in Italy. And I don't want the other manufacturers.



The one that got underway last night at 20 in the historical reality of Franciacorta is the Edition zero of an appointment that Zahid hopes become fixed. An event for friends, for Ca’ the wood has hearts, an appointment to celebrate the beauty of life and the beautiful things. Of the rest, We are talking about a company led by a an actor whose favorite quote is “I have simple tastes,I'm happy getting better”, by Oscar Wilde. And last night of beautiful things there were so many. Primarily the location, In addition to “luck” considering that initially all had to take place among the vineyards, under a starry sky. But since the expanse was covered by menacing Cirrus clouds, Here's the deviation, a stone's throw from the bestowal and grape destalkers. A shed, that magically became a chiccosissima lounge can accommodate about 400 people. And an orchestra of about 50 elements, none other than the Sanremo Festival Orchestra.

orchestra di sanremo

CuvÇe Annamaria Clementi e Calvisius

The other ingredients? Magnum of Annamaria Clementi 2004 a gogo, and the bravo star Stefano restaurant two doves Cayabyab, walking distance from Ca’ del Bosco, who had the task of studying a menu to take the prestigious collection Calvisius Caviar staircase. The result were exclusive dishes such as risotto oysters in Brittany, burrata pugliese, lingotto of caviar "as a truffle". All, surrounded by an exhibition of antique Shore boats were sailing the thought among the vineyards and beyond, up to the stars. The Historic Collection was represented firstly by the Aquarama-the most famous model and recognized del cantiere Riva Sarnico, and other historical pieces made entirely of mahogany, all models that are still dreaming anyone see them darting in lakes and seas of the world.

Caviale Calvisius Venice Riva Historic Collection presso Ca' del Bosco (1)




A unique opportunity, that of yesterday, to celebrate the end of the harvest 2013 that turned out to be not particularly rich in quantity, but very promising quality, sealed by an ode to wine and vineyards that Zahid has wanted to play and sing the most famous orchestra of Italy. The atmosphere? From film. Chapeau.




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