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by Monday, September 30, 2013
gualtiero marchesi avatar feed for good

FEED FOR GOOD, the innovative system that combines haute cuisine, health and technology

for the promotion of the well-being and quality of life, is an intelligent platform that

provides personalized services related to nutrition and food habits,

to induce individuals to develop their relationship with food

as jointly responsible for the welfare State.

A project in tune with the pivotal theme of Expo 2015 in Milan: the food.


The system maintains information on nutritional needs and

medical-clinical profile of the individual and "retrieve" data from heterogeneous sources

(recipes, traditions, cultivation methods, …) providing a daily menu

suitable for individual and ensuring the traceability of

daily nutritional habits through a Digital Diary.


But Feed for Good promises to do much more: through an advanced semantic search engine,

will find customized information expressed in natural language and

through an integrated system of extremely sophisticated research and

based on cutting-edge algorithms and latest generation, "understand"

the content of the video recipes, calling for further information on ingredients, tools and

How to prepare in order to appreciate and better understand the art of cooking.

This is also due to a "Cicerone" exception, the Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi,

represented by a cute avatar generation 3D,

that provides valuable advice and accompanies the user when surfing,

making it pleasant, funny and informative.


The project was made possible thanks to the contribution of Assessorato alle attività produttive,

research and innovation of the Lombardy region, that with this initiative wanted

achieve the goals pursued through the regional operational programme (POR) Competitiveness,

funded with European regional development fund (ERDF).

Is allowing the implementation of these projects that strengthen competitiveness and

the dynamism of the local economy and encourage

social cohesion, growth and development for the whole society.

  Project team

Involved in the project

represent the health excellence,

Haute cuisine and technological innovation.



  Regione Lombardia per la competitività

Strengthen the competitiveness and dynamism of the regional economy,

increase social cohesion, Economic and regional,

promote growth, innovation, the development.

These are the objectives that pursues the Lombardy region

through the regional operational programme (POR) Competitiveness,

programming tool that defines and selects the initiatives

financed through the European regional development fund (ERDF).

Almost 300 million euro are dedicated, in particular, innovation themes

and the knowledge economy to allow the Lombardy

to compete with the most advanced European regions, by stimulating the

investment in research, encouraging growth and collaborative

innovative enterprises, by simplifying and strengthening relationships

between the business world and the world of knowledge.

There are many recipients of assistance of POR:

businesses, local authorities, and University System

of research, foundations and non-profit associations,

the ecclesiastical entities, operators in the public and private sectors.

To all involved in the implementation of the projects is asked to

Networking, to make full use of different skills

and to enhance the experience of excellence in technological fields

Advanced and competitive in the international context.


Regione Lombardia – Directorate-General OPEN

Councillor for productive activities, research and innovation, Mario Melazzini

  AlmavivA Group

AlmavivA group is leader in the Italian Information & Communication

Technology and possesses extensive experience and in-depth knowledge

of different market sectors, private and public.

Operates globally, with 35 locations, 27.000 people and

700 million € turnover, and it is also present in Brazil, Tunisia and China.

The mission is to develop technology solutions that evolve

the systems and operational processes by public administrations and companies,

to improve the level of service in a changing market.

The offer includes a wide range of ICT services and solutions including

Cloud Computing, outsourcing service, innovative technologies in the CRM area and

Knowledge Management, capable of ensuring excellence Big Data &

Advanced Analytics for the management and exploitation of information,

In addition to products and solutions for several vertical markets.


Reference markets: Central and local public administration,

Agriculture, Homeland Security & Protection, Banks and insurance companies,

Energy and telco Services, Transportation & logistics, Healthcare.


President: Alberto Tripi

Ceo: Marco Tripi


Almawave is the AlmavivA group company that offers ideas and market

innovative solutions, easy to use, combining business and vision

technological expertise. Almawave offer, focused on presidio

the current drivers of change – Big Time, Mobile, Social, Cloud Computing

offers application solutions "people centered", combining

innovative capacity of information processing and

advanced models of analysis and prediction.

Almawave is structured Innovation Labs, Center of Excellence and Consulting,

to develop and offer their customers tailored solutions to

get higher quality and efficiency of processes

Customer Interaction and Knowledge Management.

Almawave operates in Italy and abroad, in particular in Brazil,

in various sectors of the public and private markets

(Telco, Utilities, Media, Transportation) and collaborates with several universities and

Scientific and technological partners market leader.


President: Marco Tripi

Ceo: Valeria Sandei

  Gualtiero Marchesi srl

Gualtiero Marchesi was the first chef in Italy to obtain the 3 stars

the Michelin Guide and the first in the world to reject.

It is considered the innovator of Italian cuisine and recognized

as the "master" of a generation of cooks.

The group he founded is dedicated to activities that revolve around

the kitchen and food, from the direct management of haute cuisine restaurants

(Gualtiero Marchesi Restaurant and restaurant Il Marchesino), the advising

luxury hotels (Grand Hotel Tremezzo), food consulting company

multinationals, the development of computer systems for restaurants,

publishing and, more and more, to training.

Gualtiero Marchesi is Rector of ALMA since its inception and

President of the foundation that bears his name that is dedicated,

under the banner of "good is good", the spread of taste in the arts,

in music, in the kitchen. In the near future, will be born

Gualtiero Marchesi Academy that in the Foundation

will higher education. The group is involved in the spread of

Italian cuisine in the world, While in Italy the Marchesi's philosophy

all-round hospitality is expressed in

Gualtiero Marchesi Resort in Agrate Conturbia.

All the Group's activities are focused on research, both in the artistic field

that in science. In this regard an important example is

represented by Feed for Good.

The Gualtiero Marchesi is also the leader of a research project,

co-financed by Regione Lombardia and MIUR, called Feedin'Italy that

develops around the theme of food design in catering,

companies schools and hospitals, According to the principle that the kitchen,

a fortiori renamed haute cuisine by Marchesi "ri-creative cuisine",

is power and as such must be primarily healthy and greet.

  Fondazione Centro San Raffaele

The Centro San Raffaele Foundation is a non-profit organisation created to

support the research of the IRCCS San Raffaele hospital

with the aim of helping the development of science in the service of medicine.

To move forward and achieve new successes, that may also benefit

future generations, the Fondazione Centro San Raffaele hospital supports

through participation in international and national research and

fundraising activities to individuals and companies.


Fondazione Centro San Raffaele, through the IRIS unit – innovation and research

related services for life and health (, draw,

designs and develops innovative systems and services aimed at the citizen,

for the prevention and the promotion of healthier lifestyles.

The IRIS unit is a unit of application-oriented research Information

Technology in healthcare, Active since 1997. The unit has developed since

Since its inception several projects, aimed both at providing

inside the hospital infrastructure services, both the realization of

innovative systems and services aimed at the citizen, for the prevention and

the promotion of healthier lifestyles.


In Feed for Good project was also involved the General Medicine Unit

to address Diabetes and endocrine-metabolic activities of

Clinical Nutrition, Internal medicine and Specialist in the field of Medicine

Diabetology, Endocrinology and metabolic diseases in hospital scheme,

day hospital and outpatient. The unit is also regional reference centre for

the study and treatment of diabetes and is one of the International Clinical Centers

TrialNet, a consortium of research centers of the National Institutes of Health

for prevention of diabetes 1 based in the USA.

  Toomuch Design in motion

Too much is a study of communication and design,

specialized in the development of quality creative products for print and video.

Our offices are located in Monza, but we provide services to national and

International. Our goal is to design and Visual solutions

are available, fun, exciting visually and technically

provocative. Communication is our product, always oriented

innovation. Content and aesthetics are combined image projects

institutional and corporate decline to give a personal identity,

that makes protagonists within the market.

Too much internally carries out all production phases, from concept to

production; unites projects, Creative organizational flexibility and speed to

an advanced multiplatform technological know-how; provides

with dedicated professional team resources and localized for each customer.

Among our services: Motion Design / Broadcast and corporate identity

On-air graphic packages – Tv and movie titles

Interstitials – Book trailer and video clips – Events report

Postproduction services – Animation and visual effects

Institutional videos – Graphic Design / Brand – Corporate

Book and Magazine – Style Guides – Licensing – Posters – Illustration.


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