Borgognamonamour. AND’ time to jump into France, passing from the internet

by Thursday, September 26, 2013

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There is a site where, If you are passionate about Burgundy, You can find many interesting things. And I'm not talking just about e-commerce, This is not just because wine-hunter today make extensive use of the web, given the limited availability of wines from small producers, they can't count on large commercial channels. Ma su Borgognamonamour ci sono anche tante notizie interessanti e Francesco Bisaglia è un appassionato. Leggere qui sotto quello che scriveva ad aprile, quando ha avviato il suo progetto. E fatevi un giro sul suo sito, e magari un podi shopping. THEo gli ho già commissionato una selezione di vini di Borgogna per sedurreChissà cosa mi manderà! ça va sans dire, sarete i primi a saperlo 😉 !

Oggi nasce ufficialmente il progettoBorgogna Mon Amour”, dopo una gestazione impegnativa ma appagante; l’obiettivo (e l’auspicio) è quello di aspirare a rappresentare, nel panorama dell’offerta di questa tipologia di prodotto, una proposta strutturata, eterogenea e di contenuto informativo. I Want To, in this regard,, rivolgere il mio più caloroso benvenuto ai visitatori, sperando che vogliate intraprendere con me un lungo viaggio, starting from today; an evolutionary path that I would like to share with the help of your suggestions, views and opinions, You can express in interactive areas on the site. This initiative stems from the fatal attraction for a region, Burgundy, that constitutes a unique wine, for its unique ability to give spiritual and vibration, in its highest expressions, pure lyricism notes to those who approach and allow themselves overwhelmed by the magic of his wines. This region is undeniably a landing place (final?) for the passionate wine world; a promised land that, in the course of a thousand years of history, the man had the advantage of being able to listen first, then decode and, Finally, pander, declining a thousand sighs of soil and subsoil of these lands. The secular traditions sedimentation, that allowed the refinement of methods of winemaking and the certification of uniqueness of each pedoclimatica climat, through the interpretation of the soul of each strip of these lands, They carved the famous concept of “aggravation of terroir”; This is the variable that the witch eno-fan, that takes possession of his senses, pushing looking, the deepening of this microcosm and, Finally, the periodic desire to recall "the array of pinot noir and chardonnay in purity sense"; the magic lies in their interpretations, that make a lieu-dits great puzzle, where each piece has a story to tell and a gustatory sense only and its, that distinguishes it from those of climat immediately adjacent; There is something sacred in all this. One thing struck me more than others in reconnaissance of this world: the effective combination of the rigid tradition and modernist nouvelle vague which is sponsoring the new generation vigneron who you're facing on the scene; This effective fusion denotes as growers of this wine eldorado avoid every form of immobility, avoiding the temptation to take cover on the authority of its history: This is a land of men always vivid ferment, forward-looking and dynamic, that they don't forget the dictates of their glorious origins but who look to the future by raising, with courage, the challenge for excellence.

A final remark on the choice of wines offered for sale: is geared towards finding a balance between the two extremes mentioned, tradition and modernity, bypassing, at least for the time being, apical reality that dug an unbridgeable gap with the average of companies in the region: I mean, Obviously, the champions of Vosne-Romanée (except for a RAID, We granted, in Echèzeaux). I am sure there is a France for everyone: I opted for that cozy, hospitable, rural and artisan, that is the essence of this wonderful land.

A wish for a good navigation.


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