In 2012 10thousand fewer restaurants in Italy, third European market for consumption outside the home. And in the first half 2013 no better: negative balance of 5,000 other reality that has closed its doors

by Wednesday, September 25, 2013


The numbers speak for themselves. According to the calculations of the Fipe Research Department, household spending for restaurants in Italy is 73 billion euro (year 2012), equal to 35% the entire food expenditure. Spain and Britain after the Italy is the European country with the highest incidence of food consumption outside the home of total food spending (35% compared with a European average of 32%). In terms of per-capita spending Italians spend in restaurants around 1.200 euro per year, the 32% most of the French and the 53% most of the Germans. In Short, We are the third European market.

Rich and articulate is the entrepreneurial landscape with more than 100,000 restaurants and 157 thousand bars. But the food and lodging does not end here. There are 10,000 restaurants in farmhouse, 27thousand exercises takeout, thousands of restaurants in unconventional places and present as a secondary activity in enterprises that perform the main tasks in other commercial areas. Many restaurants, but many companies that fail in an attempt to make their way in a context so fragmented. The sector is characterized by always for high business turnover.

In only 2012 companies that have launched the activities were over 16.000 with a number of deaths of 25.678 Unit, with a negative balance of 9.345 enterprises.

The "great crisis", in spite of reckless statements about full restaurants, did not spare the area that only 2012 lost to consumption 1,6 billion euro. And in 2013, in line with the continuation of the negative situation of demand, the expected outcome is a further contraction for more than one percentage point. The impact on business sentiment is heavy. In 2012 the confidence of the restaurants is back on lower levels of 2008, While the slight recovery recorded in the first half of this year does not appear able to reverse the negative cycle started in the second half of 2011. An economy that continues to reflect negatively on turnover of enterprises in this first part of the year.

In the first half of 2013 they started the task 9.985 While enterprises 14.871 have ceased.

The State of suffering in domestic demand will not negatively impact, Therefore, only on the network of commercial distribution. Increases, at the same time, the initiation of new activities by foreign entrepreneurs. In the area there are now more than 40 thousand mainly active in traditional restaurant business. Heavy results, However, take less negative values if related to what is happening in terms of domestic food consumption where the household budget cuts took cyclopean dimensions. In fact, long-term data show an increasing trend of food consumption outside the home at the expense of the home as a result of profound changes in styles of Italian food.


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