Live Review | to Milan for the evening Best 50 Italian Wines 2013 toe stiletto

by Monday, September 23, 2013

Put the heel 15 brand new, Here I am, ready for a catwalk along the tasting tables 50 the best wines of Italy according to Luca Gardini and Andrea Grignaffini, assisted by an international jury.

The complete list of beautiful 50 you find it here.

A carpet of photographers. A video of the famous island style, showing the back stage of the selection.




Gade plays the role of presenter, Thanks, presents the jury, including Paolini, Cernilli, Bergonzi…

Antonio Paolini reads the table by calling the winners. Pop of the year Ribolla wine sparkling wine Brut Collavini.




Premium Quality Price to Zonin with Altemura, Primitivo di Manduria.

The prize for some is an iron wire twisted with the figure of a man (Gade? Gawande? A winemaker?)… It is not that I like it very much…

Standing ovation for the nr15 Gravner. Also for Marisa Cuomo.

There is everything the Gotha del vino. Now it's up to Jacopo Biondi Santi. I had interviewed some time ago Franco and alive I hadn't even ever seen anyone in the family. The class distinguishes.


Paride D'Angelo di Casa D'Angelo, Best sommelier.






Surprise. No sample of banks 50 best wines. No catwalk. A hellish hot, Felicetti pasta cooked by Sadler and Aprea, and Motta.

Read the press release, that to celebrate the best 50 wines of Italy there was nothing better than the champagne. But as? The wet Italian wine festival from French bubbles (sponsor Thiénot)? PARBLEU!

Better remove moorings. Direction Barbacoa, Brazilian restaurant nothing wrong. We will tell in the Geisha.

Morale? Shame not having a convivial moment to know and a chat with producers…


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