Vintage 2013, production on the rise. Here's the weather Agrinsieme, Federvini and Uiv

by Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Close to production 45 millions of hectolitres, an increase in the 7% compared to spread by Istat for the 2012 and a good quality on the whole national territory. These AGRINSIEME forecasts for the harvest in progress. Data on which converge Federvini and Uiv, that for years he collaborated with Ismea forecasts processing through a capillary territorial monitoring Italian wine with a regional detail.

"For the first time this year our organizations have monitored the progress of collection wine industry – said AGRINSIEME Coordinator Giuseppe Politi – and they shared reflections made by his economic observatories ".

It follows a detailed cognitive framework of wine country 2013/2014, with very accurate evaluations that were reported in a joint a meeting specially organized at the Ministry of agriculture, in the course of which organizations have reiterated their commitment to work together with the Ministry of agriculture, Ad Agea and Istat for making more efficient the work of predictive analysis of productions.

Although rising over the previous, the production of this campaign is not abundant, coming in at slightly below the average of the last five years. The picture still appears quite homogeneous at national level, in terms of percentage increase intensity.

"Our expectations for this harvest – says the President of the Italian wine Union Domenico Zonin – are encouraging: Although the situation is very differentiated locally in some regions, overall it outlines a substantial stability at the national level ".

Generally speaking, the harvest is delayed from last year by about 15 days for the difficult climatic conditions that have affected our peninsula in spring, but it is, Anyway, in optimal times than normal vegetative cycle of the grape. The presence of heavy hail has influenced the development of some areas, especially in Northern Italy, but in some cases the recovery was important and the amount was slightly below the average.


Monitoring plans wherever a good year: from the qualitative point of view, the vegetative state is satisfactory vineyards.

"In most cases – says the President of Lamberto Vallarino Gancia Federvini – climatic variations that still may be of interest to the Italian regions in these first days of September, force us to be cautious, but both environmental conditions both the signals caught in vineyard allow us to be optimistic for the quality of the new wines ".

In particular is expected to increase the production of white wines, especially those with excellent levels of quality, as for red wines expects a harvest in line with last year's data.

There are currently no concerns about the EU budget since the Spain expects a much higher harvest al 2012, While in France it signals a possible quantitative decrease 5/6 million hectoliters compared to forecasts of initial early August. This would lead to a substantial production confirmation at EU level compared to last year's harvest.

Agrinsieme is the coordination between the Cia and Confagricoltura agricultural organisations and the agricultural cooperatives Alliance (that in turn includes Agci Agrital-, Fedagri-Confcooperative and Legacoop Agroalimentare).


UIV – Unione Italiana



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