GIV. Abroad is the turnover

by Tuesday, September 10, 2013
Villa Berlvedere, venue of the gardesana IRP

Villa Berlvedere, venue of the gardesana IRP

In 2012 GIV, the Italian Wine Group, He expressed a group-wide revenues of € 372 million, an increase of 1% compared to 2011. In the early 3 months of 2013 turnover continued to grow by 1.5%. If you consider the consolidated with the parent company Cantine Riunite & CIV sca, you will reach a total turnover of 514 million euros. The budget is part of a general context of good industry estate, mainly due to export performance that touched a record level (66% of the total turnover). Net debt fell to € 123 million while the total equity amounted to € 141 millions. The group closed with a gross operating margin of ca. 30 million and operating cash flow 14 millions.

Italian Wine Group is the first Italian Winery and one of the first companies in the world in the production and marketing of quality wines in The Group's operating activities is expressed through the following basic figures:

… 87 million bottles produced and marketed

… 874 employees at group level, referred 573 in Italy

… 15 owned wineries

… 16 main brands

… 1340 hectares of vineyards.

Although the foreign market is always the strength of Italian Wine Group, and to underline the increasing weight of sales in the domestic market confirming the first Group market. The significant increase in turnover in the domestic market and from the entrance to the scheme of distribution of branded sparkling Cannon said M and new acquisition of Carolina brand from January 2011. Among the top importing countries include United States, Canada, Germany and Britain. To detect export quotas in Russia and China, Countries that are demonstrating a growing interest for Italian wine and where the Group intends to invest in the short-medium term.

Also in the 2012 Bubble (Veronese wines) It confirms the first brand of Italian Wines for Group sales. The brand was the subject of a great work of promotion and distribution that will continue in 2013 with the aim to place it among the leaders of the Italian wine not only in America but also in other countries. Follow the other brands such as group policy: Fontana Candida Frascati for the, Carolina to Lambrusco, Baker to the Orvieto, Nino Negri for wines of Valtellina, Mahrous to Chianti, Rapitalà for Sicilian wines and Monks Castle of Salento wines. Also stand out for the market position even Folonari in North America, LAD in Germany and Turà in Italy. Alongside big names there are brands, selective distribution and catering channel intended as Saints in Veneto, Cà Bianca in Piedmont, Machiavelli in Tuscany, and King Manfred in Basilicata.

The 2013 represents for the sector and for the Italian Wines Group another year very important. On the one hand the group will face many difficulties and problems (international economic and financial crisis, generalized decline in purchasing power, falling domestic consumption, significant increase in the cost of raw); on the other side you can find interesting developments new growth opportunities (slight growth of wine consumption globally, favourable trend of Italian wine in foreign markets). In this context, the Group has chosen to focus once again on the road of quality and affordable quality, aiming to develop products and markets to ensure an adequate and correct margins sufficient to pay for all inputs, even at the expense of sales volumes alone do not guarantee stability to growth. For the 2013 There is in particular the commitment to develop organically a project related to the topic of sustainability, giving shape and behavior method and tools that inspire already for many years all Group cellars. On the face of the market, also in 2013 the investment will be on the "new" markets (in particular China and Russia) that those who most historians demonstrate growth potential (first United States and Canada) or they see IRP always protagonist (Germany, France and UK).


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