Polenta with radicchio and Taleggio

by Sunday, September 8, 2013



·400 g. Quick polenta ·3 Heads of radicchio ·1 porro ·150 g. of taleggio ·50 g. of grated parmigiano reggiano ·30 g. of butter ·2 sachets of Saffron ·Salt q. b.



Wash and cut the heads of radicchio,

delete the green part of leeks and cut

into rings. Heat the butter in a frying pan

non-stick coating, Add the leeks and the chicory,

Add salt and dissolve 1 teabag

Saffron in warm water. Cook

fresh focus for 5 or 6 minutes.

Bring to the boil 1,5 l. salt water,

rain poured flour for polenta

snapshot, stirring with the whisk; After 6

minutes dissolve the other packet of Saffron

in a little water, Add the polenta

and continue to cook for the time indicated

on the package.

When cooked add the taleggio, and Parmesan

stirring. Serve with the gravy

radicchio and leek.



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