Saffron-fennel soup

by Friday, September 6, 2013



·400 g. Fennels ·1 potato ·1 sachet of Saffron ·30 g. of butter ·1 tablespoon white flour ·1 Onion ·grated parmigiano reggiano to taste ·vegetable broth q. b. ·croutons ·Salt q. b.



Cut the fennel with icing and let dry

in half the butter. Add the onion and potatoes

cut into cubes and FRY for 5

minutes. Season with salt, Sprinkle

with the flour and the boiling stock and Cook

for 15 minutes stirring occasionally.

Diluted saffron in a little hot broth

adding the mixture and continuing

cooking for others 5 minutes. Adjust

salt and puree the mixture in a

cream. Serve hot with croutons

hot and grana.


Recipe from the COOKBOOK 3 N CHEFS. 6 “All shades of yellow”, pag. 48.

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