The essence of the wine in a bottle… of perfume. A fragrance for fashionable wine lover

by Wednesday, September 4, 2013

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The Theatre Unique Fragrances, the Florentine company of fragrances, has managed to put in the bottle the essence of wine with Divine black: a unique and amazing fragrance, born from a mix of primary aromas, sweet red wine and persuasive, typical of the vines, especially aromatic ones that enhance the grape Strawberry fragrances, the woodland Strawberry, BlackBerry with slight floral notes, passionate and sensual as can only be a product of Tuscany.

Divine black line

The inspiration for Divine black started by memories of Tuscany, full of roses, iris, grape vine and pergolas, the croaking of cicadas, the scent of damp earth. Top notes of BlackBerry and strawberry berries come together to the must from the soul of juicy red grapes with shades of leather and cedar wood. Divine black unleash your potential in convivial circles as the dining room and looked like a veranda or a winter garden, in a study of professional bewitches and seduces with its aroma, in the lobby of the hotels and restaurants helps the reception.

The line Divine black, given to the scents of environments, it comes in a decidedly innovative packaging, total black, for both the box, that classical theatre now, both the liquid, for both indispensable Wicker sticks to enhance fragrance.


Divine white line

A creative experience for a sophisticated floral bouquet and fruity with musk accents. Topping the vitality of sparkling notes of perlage of rosa canina enriched by a spring Symphony of delicious Apple notes. Sparkling champagne shades feature the top notes of the fragrance, with facets and variations with a contemporary young woman, daring and irresistible.

The packaging is clear, Solar, the bottle retains its pure lines that characterise the range of Unique Fragrances Theatre, with the stylized white silk ribbon; the line of Divine white find a perfect placement in clear and user-friendly environments where amplifies the senses and helps you relax.


The Theatre Unique Fragrances

Italy Showroom

Via Maragliano, 56

50144 Florence

Showroom USA

New York, NY 10001


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