In Faenza, open-air trattoria dal 6 on 8 September

by Tuesday, September 3, 2013


For three days Faenza is the heart of popular cuisine represented by trattorias. Is the first edition of 'Everyone in town madmen ', from 6 on September 8 in the historical centre of town Manfreda, event that sees its 9 trattorias throughout Italy (Campania, Sardinia, Lazio, Abruzzo, Friuli, Basilicata and Emilia Romagna) selected from those closest to the philosophy of popular cuisine of quality and improvement of supply chain. By 18,30 until 23,30 Nenni square (former Molinella) turns into a large open-air restaurant with 400 seats, the wines of 30 companies, meetings, cultural moments.

For each day of the event will be three taverns to serve their dishes to the public. It begins Friday, 6 with Alberto Bettini, by Amerigo (Savigno – BO), Gostilna Devetak of the local San Michele del Carso (GO) and Pasquale Torrent of the convent (Cetara – SA). Saturday 7 It will be time to John and Gennaro d'ignazio of The old Navy (Roseto degli Abruzzi – PE), Roberto Serra on Carduleu (Abbasanta – Or) and Peppe De Marco, By Peppe (Roundabout – PCS). While, for closing Sunday 8 will Franco Cimini, Osteria del Mirasole (San Giovanni in Persiceto – BO), Archangel Dandini, The Archangel (Rome) and the family Broadsword, dividing his time between the flag and restaurant Osteria La Corte (Civitella Casanova – PE).

Of course there is wine. The public will have a glass, a catalog-map Fool in town, a calyx bag, 5 tasting pass (cost 5 euro). Note how the chalice is an RCR personalized world's best, the new glass designed in collaboration with the sommelier world champion, Luca Gardini. In wine tasting taverns and 30 companies Romagna. All served and sold at perfect serving temperature wine cooler thanks to specialized contributed by Liebherr. The exhibition is curated by the architects David Cristofani and Valentina Maharjan who worked on the theme of reuse and recycling of materials and objects. In fact, even plates and cutlery are all compostable.

“Our kitchen is in an interesting time, recovery and success of the whole Italian folk tradition says the Curator of the event Giorgio Melandri – In this process the supply chain plays a key role and it can be said that almost everything that happened in Italy in the past decade happened right there, in the supply chain. And what happened there happened in taverns. That's the unbeatable pair of contemporary Italian cuisine, artisans-trattorias. Fool in town is the first event that recognizes this phenomenon an absolute value and gives him the lead role. Popular tradition with this chain must not have inferiority complexes. The great Italian cuisine has changed all its routes and we begin to tell the tale. First it is a source of great satisfaction”

Space for a product that Italian trattoria is the master, theextra virgin olive oil. The section dedicated to him is called: "Genius Loci". While "Taste", the Association of restaurateurs Faenza, organize picnics and snacks in different locations in the city, and Friday, 6 Evan Lurie in concert at the museo Carlo Zauli (in collaboration with Blue and district Roads), musical Act preceded by cocktails and aperitifs of Ebrahim Abdulaziz. Instead the MIC, (Saturday 7), After a guided tour of the exhibition "Premio Faenza", popular music with "Bowing on the wind", with the ensemble formed by Mayank, Igor Buscherini, Forshaw, Anselmo Palmer, Paul Galbreath.

In fact, the event will involve all Faenza. The pizzeria "or my Flower" by Matteo Tambini and Nurul Fatin will offer a menu with pizzas created specifically for "Fool in town" and the restaurant "Cà Mamtani" meat dishes of "the magnificent" consortium of the Bidente Valley. While, in downtown shops in the afternoon (hours 16.00), tastings, tasting and book presentations.

' Fool for the city is promoted by Trade Fairs In Faenza with the support of The municipality of Faenza and in collaboration with the Driver's cab Director (the Working Group involving associations Confcommercio, Confesercenti, CNA and Confartigianato and the contribution of Chamber of Commerce by Ravenna).

Program of the event and the winds on

What is fool in town.

Italian cuisine is popular cuisine. It's a story, an identity: the concrete expression of a territory, of those who inhabit and live. Is the protagonist of a narrative that comes from afar and goes a long way, but in recent years has managed to deeply innovate. A tradition can bring to our tables the real uniqueness of our entertainment: a production line capable of providing raw materials and extraordinary products, transformed into our daughters recipes food culture. Away from the strict canons of the "cuisinier bourgeois French, is the first chapter in a new and different story, where the cooks return to be artisans of the table and to offer fair and honest dishes like only the large kitchen knows and should be.


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