But how nice the competition for the most beautiful love phrases related to wine

by Sunday, September 1, 2013

love and wine

Verona, City of lovers, scenography of more poignant love story that the world knows, between Romeo and Juliet. A story never forgotten, as evidenced by the thousands of letters addressed to Juliet that every year the town scaligera. A true wealth of words and stories of love, that has always inspired poets and writers of all time. And the idea of rewarding the most beautiful book of love has resulted in 1996 the international literary award “Write for Love”. A unique competition, organized by Juliet Club, that by October 2013 will have the support of the cellar Gerardo Caesars of Cavaion Veronese.

A collaboration that will see United finally two authentic passions: the feeling of pure love, symbolized by the figure of Juliet, and the passion for the land and the culture of Verona, represented by Gerardo Cesari wines. A combination that does not confine itself only to the international literary prize but will continue with many interesting initiatives.

Starting from autumn issue, the newsletter will have a space for Cesari curated directly by Juliet Club, where you can read the most important love letters arrive in Verona over the years, While the company's FaceBook page will showcase the most beautiful love phrases related to wine than the enonauti can send via mail to the address The sentences can be posted directly from the rated FB page with a "I like".

Finally, the Caesars of Cavaion Veronese becomes a real "Juliet's post office": who will visit the wine cellar will enjoy a special cassette to send their thoughts of love addressed to Juliet. Collected letters will be delivered to the Juliet Club who will judge which are the best and worthy to participate in the "Dear Juliet" Prize devoted to love letters, to be held in February 2014.

Even wine lovers signed Gerardo Caesars can contribute to one of the most romantic traditions of the city of Verona.


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