The first wine of Monte-Carlo and the 150 SBM's that open the doors of the cellar of the Hotel de Paris

by Friday, August 30, 2013

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Are 250 vineyards, Hung like a picture Dutch nice hills, and I'm a little gem that the world looks like a little Prince heir of a dynasty. Those vineyards, In fact, will produce a barrique, i.e. 230 litres of wine for 300 the first wine bottles of the Principality of Monaco. The property is, Of course, the historic SBM, namely Hotel de Paris, Casinos and all the most luxurious hotels and Monte-Carlo. A colossus that accomplishes 150 all years spent in the way of the most prestigious luxury that the world is inspired by.

That's why even this tiny vineyard is already under the spotlight and the wine world looks at him waiting to discover the fruits.

«Il vigneto “ephemeral” that will have lasted only for vedemmia 2013 – says Gennaro Iorio, chef de cave of SBM – It was an idea of Chef Ducasse entrusted to landscape designer Jean Mus. The choice of grape varieties is due to availability of potted plants, Grenache, Vermentino and two other table grapes planted on about 8.000 square meters of the Place du Casino, the famous “camembert”. Tomorrow will be the second pick to evaluate a possible harvest for mid-September, with the technical help of Bellet (Nice), choice for the proximity, the Château de Crémat. The goal is to be able to produce at least a barrique !!».

Pending, There is an opportunity not to be missed. For its 150 Monte-Carlo SBM years celebrates its links with the great wines of Bordeaux and offers wine tasting by the glass from 22 June onwards, with 150 treasures of the prestigious wine cellar of the Hotel de Paris.

For 150 Monte-Carlo-day will be the best place in the world for the tasting of wines of Bordeaux, for the occasion will be exceptionally taken from the cellars of the Hotel de Paris and proposed in 19 SBM group local.



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