Hangover in glass? Behold OUTOX, the drink that erases the effects of excess alcohol

by Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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Arrives in Italy the DRINK that helps to start on the right foot after an evening of festivities: OUTOX.

OUTOX is a drink without caffeine, lightly carbonated and pleasant flavour, ideal to drink before bedtime to counteract post-drunk effects.

After extensive scientific testing and authorizing the sale of the European Union, the drink was first marketed in France and now also in Italy.

A combination of simple ingredients, including citric acid and fructose, allows you to accelerate the natural elimination of alcohol from the human body. Will be easier to overcome the "post-drunk" characterized by headache, memory leak, slowed reflexes and difficulty concentrating.


OUTOX drink is marketed in Italy due to its combination of ingredients will slow the absorption of alcohol and accelerates the disposal in a natural way.

The hangover, term used as a synonym for hangover, acute alcoholism or drunkenness, is the awkward fellow many drinkers. This is a collection of ailments, in many ways unpleasant, associated with the consumption of an overdose of alcohol. In these cases, recover quickly is important in order to better address the following day. Tips and DIY remedies are diverse and numerous, but only a few are really effective.

OUTOX researchers have tried to bring in daily life the hospital experience about the effectiveness of herbal infusion of glucose or fructose in acute cases. From these studies was born OUTOX (out = out toxin tox), a drink without side effects that accelerates the natural process of elimination of alcohol.


The combination of his main ingredients makes it different and truly effective OUTOX.

Citric acid slows the emptying of the stomach and administered along with alcoholic beverages reduces absorption by the intestines. In addition, favors closing the pylorus to acid stimulation of receptors duodenum-pilorici, with two effects: an increase in contact time between the alcohol and the gastric enzyme that promotes its degradation and a delay of the intestinal absorption of alcohol.

The fructose acts on the liver to stimulate the production of enzymes that oxidize the alcohol into water and CO2 with a consequent reduction of alcohol content. In addition, the fructose contained in OUTOX is in the form of pure crystal, allowing use of the drink even for diabetics.

What makes a drink OUTOX unique is its dual effect: taken together with alcohol reduces concentration by limiting the alcohol content; taken after alcohol it accelerates the disposal.


A can of OUTOX contains:

• Citric Acid
• Fructose
• Malic Acid
• Ascorbic Acid
• Flavourings (E414, E445)
• Dyes (E160e, E160a)
• Carbonated water

Nutritional values for 250 ml:

• The energy value 207 kcal (866,7 kJ)
• Carbohydrates 51,8 g where 50 g sugars
• Sodium < 0,1 g


OUTOX's effectiveness has been demonstrated by a number of scientific studies based on blood analysis, urine and breath test.

In may 2010 made the study "assessment of the dietary intake of a can of soft drink Outox on alcohol in a sample of healthy volunteers of both sexes" by the French DERMSCAN research laboratory.

The study examined two separate groups of men and women.

Group 1: the subjects taking an alcoholic (vodka) by Outox responded better to test alcohol compared to those who drank the same amount of vodka and soda with.

Group 2: those who had drank Outox, obtained a reduction of alcohol content in 45 minutes after its ingestion (breath test results).

In all the volunteers showed a minor alteration of attention, of supervision, memory and reactivity after taking OUTOX.

In 2004 the Legal Medical Institute of the University of Szeged in Hungary has conducted research "alcohol reduction Effectiveness of Outox drink".

OUTOX drink in 60 minutes after drinking an alcoholic beverage, you have an acceleration of 70% disposal of alcohol next time (which corresponds to a decrease of 0.15 to 0.20 g/litre of alcohol).

The maximum effect of OUTOX varies from 30 and the 60 minutes in total and lasting about an hour and a half.

The Legal Medical Institute of the University of Innsbruck he conducted in January 2001 the "study on the effects of fructose on beverage alcohol in blood and elimination of alcohol" leading to several positive conclusions.

Taking Outox led has positive results as regards the Elimination of alcohol in blood tests and breathing but with differences between men and women. As for the urine test did not reveal any different gender-related results.


It Will Work? In short your DD will test him and I will tell. 😉


To stay informed about news of OUTOX, events and points of sale (for now 3, only in Milan) You can follow "OUTOX ITALIA on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

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