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by Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The holidays give birth sometimes sympathetic ideas, as I hope is this, Maybe it will give the go-ahead to a genre. The live blogging of the gastronomic review. How it works? Please go to the 21 always clicking on this post and find out.

H 21.05 | Here We Are, We arrived at the restaurant Il Boschetto, in Follonica. The sign is not much but we do not discourage

Il Boschetto di Folonica

Il Boschetto Follonica

H 21.10 | We order and get your kitchen greeting: a frollĂŹno millet and Sesame with a soya cream, pistachios and parsley, before the ordered wine, a cellar Monks Fiano. The wine list is not much… The salute is a nice snack, look forward to the rest.

H 21.20 | the view is fantastic, pity there are candles on the table and a little’ background music…


H 21.30 | Comes the first Starter, the mixture of the Grove. In accordance with, senza davvero nessuna emozione 🙁


H 21.53 | Pistachio crusted Scallops with Zucchini culis. Is the second Starter. Good idea, mediocre results.


H 22.25 | Here we are here we are talking about relationships, love, complicated stories. And it's not ravioli of redfish but Seabass and burrata. The stuffing is simply a piece of fish wrapped in two strips of pasta and this is some unattached. So far this is the best dish of the evening, But even here we are far from love…

H 22.15 | get the risotto. Rated 6 + Thanks to the Moon, fantastic

H 22.05 | waiting for a surprise risotto and ravioli with Scorpion fish and burrata, cazzeggiamo talking about the neighbor table nothing bad that dinner only (We invite you to join our table?), of technology and taking two photos …






H 22.38 | I notice that the comment of risotto was not published… Damn dwarves of technology. The risotto was voted by onlookers with a 6 +, the + to the Moon, fabulous…

H 22.50 | the turban convinces half of sea bream: good fish and the mélange of vegetables, evil radicchio sauce, bitter.


H 23.05 | Let's taste the fried shrimp and calamari. Discreet. The Breading is too coarse


H 00.00 | sweet and patron, Alexander, blunt, cute, passionate. Do well catering, in summer it is difficult, There's too many people, too casino – says. Alexander we like, and hopefully be able to pursue the direction that we hereby wish to take, more and more quality, less covered, finished dishes. We Will Return, then.

The piecewise connection has dropped and known publication a little’ sgarrupata, but we hope that as the first attempt to have taken a 6, knowing you can improve ;).


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